Best of Walking Pictures

One of the problems with a mess of pictures like this is deciding which ones are best. Of course "best" means different things to different people. An artist, a local resident, a buyer from California will probably all have different preferences. Out of about 350 these are some I like best for whatever reasons. To some degree I paid attention to which ones were liked among my Facebook friends. I don't think any are here for purely sentimental reasons.

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dscn1051 dscn1665 dscn1750 dscn2455 dscn2827 dscn3075 dscn3861 dscn4630 dscn4795 dscn4852 dscn4924 dscn5032 dscn5069

Written under Firefox 5 (who can keep up?). I basically don't care how it works in that Microsoft thing.
I'm setting colors by name, some are ugly in some browsers.

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