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I have Peripheral Arterial Disease, PAD, (deprecated name: Hardening of the Arteries) which is almost crippling at times. One PDF from NIH I read says walking an hour a day 3-5 times a week for 3-6 months can make a significant improvement. So I've been bringing my camera with me. It just happened to be foliage season when I started. This page is patterned after my old Facebook "Walking Pictures" album, not necessarily in the same order. The larger images are the same size as Facebook's: 960 x 720.

Prints of these are available, made on a color laser printer from the full resolution images. alan01346@gmail.com I hope to sell some in local stores, don't have any shopping cart set up for buying online. Paypal accepted by prearrangement.

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dscn2288_960h.jpg Horses next door. They usually won't have much to do with me.
I aroused this one's curiousity, but I didn't bring any treats for them. dscn2295_960h.jpg
dscn2296_960h.jpg I haven't tried getting into the pasture, which would technically be trespassing and my legs don't climb very well any more.
Those are burdock burrs on her forehead, they were gone by next time I saw her. dscn2299_960h.jpg
dscn2317_960h.jpg Where the magical driveway meets Royer Road. I've seen one car out here once in several weeks, it turned around about here and left. No one lives out here now.
The driveway early in the foliage season on a cloudy day. Everything is sort of pastel. It was the first day I'd walked this far, 10/11/2013. dscn2327_960h.jpg
dscn2342_960h.jpg The Riddle place from South Road, one of many pictures taken not far from where I live.
2 1/2 cords of assorted hardwood I should be stacking. dscn2351_960h.jpg
dscn2367_960h.jpg Looking along the east side of the field where I live.
A house I used to live in with Burnt Hill behind it across the first valley. Burnt Hill is called that because they burn it off every year and grow blueberries there. dscn2380_960h.jpg
dscn2385_960h.jpg Very near the last picture, there used to be 2 llamas in this field a few years ago.
Looking back up Schoolhouse Road about at the steepest part. I probably stopped to rest my legs. dscn2388_960h.jpg
dscn2409_hd_960h.jpg The view south from where I live, without a wide angle lens, 10/13/2013
A tree in the yard of the Riddle place, lopsided without intervention. Maybe the right side was a branch that fell, I don't remember. I used to live here about 1978. dscn2415_960h.jpg
dscn2423_960h.jpg Trees in front of the Riddle house 10/14/2013.
Near the south entrance to Royer Road. This is within my walking range and I rarely see people out here. dscn2424_960h.jpg
dscn2425_960h.jpg Trees along Royer Road.
This is a driveway on a sunny day at the peak of foliage season. My friends Mike & Cindy used to live out here in the 1980s, right now no one does. dscn2445_960h.jpg
dscn2449_960h.jpg Gatepost to the driveway 10/14/2013
Looking south out Royer Road. The colors in this make me think of a fruit cake. dscn2455_960h.jpg
dscn2465_960h.jpg A haywagon rebuilding project. These are used to haul bales of hay from the fields to the barn, piled about 8 feet high. The cross pieces rotted off the one in the foreground.
A leaning tree in the yard of the Riddle place. This dropped a big dead branch when I lived here, we got a lot of firewood out of it. dscn2466_960h.jpg
dscn2508_960h.jpg This is looking up toward Bassett Road from South Road after South Road bends right at the crossroad.
This bench is probably a nice place to sit when the bugs aren't too bad. dscn2518_960h.jpg
dscn2522_960h.jpg A stretch of South Road, Chief's driveway is on the left just after the telephone pole.
A swamp or small pond with a house in the background, on the south side of South Road. dscn2528_960h.jpg
dscn2532_960h.jpg A house to the north of South Road, just east of the Rainville place.
Another stretch of South Road. Notice how it drops off here: we used to drive this really fast and the wheels of the car would come off the ground in at least 2 places. That's probably not safe now that there are more houses and kids. dscn2538_960h.jpg
dscn2546_960h.jpg A wasp or Yellow Jacket nest in Chief's driveway. He was just coming home as I walked by and invited me in to take the picture.
The Riddle house between 2 trees on South Road. dscn2556_960h.jpg
dscn2604_960h.jpg This is a Farmall B I think. Original 6 volt electrical system and battery but with a 12 volt alternator. Parked beside South Road just uphill from the equipment shed, it's been there for a few weeks.
The front of the Farmall B. This is a popular picture. dscn2606_960h.jpg
dscn0061_960h.jpg "HD" view from the front yard where I live taken 10/24/2013 in the wide angle zoom position.
Clouds and sky, could be from anywhere but I recognize that tree from the font yard. dscn0063_960h.jpg
dscn0069_960h.jpg Some apples on the drawf apple trees in the yard. These are a pain in the butt to mow under, I wonder why they didn't think of that when they invented them.
Looking southeast. dscn0075_960h.jpg
dscn0096_960h.jpg Wood to be stacked, a 2-1/2 cord load dumped from a dump truck.
The equipment shed at Nichols (was Riddles) from the north end. A small backhoe in the near stall, then a four wheel drive Yanmar tractor with bucket loader, Ford F-250 pickup, small John Deer tractor, Farmall H tractor. dscn0386_960h.jpg
dscn0401_960h.jpg The horses today didn't ignore me as usual, but I wish they were trained as models. They kept moving too fast: I have a nice blurred closeup of a nose.
This is how the power line gets to where Mike & Cindy used to live rather than running down the driveway. I tried several times to take this when the leaves were on the trees but they were in the way too much. dscn0407_960h.jpg
dscn0416_960h.jpg This is Royer Road beyond where Mike & Cindy lived. Just a logging road but it's in some database as a regular road so every once in a while some poor city slicker gets directed to drive through it if they're going by GPS. It is passable with four wheel drive and good ground clearance.
The driveway to where Mike & Cindy lived without foliage. The wind has blown it clear of leaves, but they're always getting rearranged. dscn0424_960h.jpg
dscn0425_960h.jpg Royer Road looking south. It takes me about half an hour to walk here, but exercise is why I'm doing this.
This is where Royer Road joins onto South Road at a bend. South Road is just above to the left, you can only see the edge of it. Riddle house (now Nichols) in the center, barn across the road, the Farmall B at the right side of the picture. dscn0439_960h.jpg
dscn0443_960h.jpg Here's the haywagon project, the Farmall B and the equipment shed taken from South Road.
Leaning tree in the yard of the Riddle house. The signpost in the foreground used to have a sign saying "Tennesee Walking Horses" but they seem to have only a pair left. dscn0447_960h.jpg
dscn0461_960h.jpg I think these are both mares and this is the mother of the other one. This one seems to like me some days.
I think this one's younger. dscn0462_960h.jpg
dscn0463_960h.jpg That looks to me like a worried look but maybe she always looks like that. I've never seen them being ridden, I don't know what their names are.
A spring-tooth harrow waiting for spring (that's not a pun). This was probably originally pulled by a team of horses but it's common to hitch them behind a tractor. dscn0496_960h.jpg
dscn0536_960h.jpg The pond at Mike & Cindy's place. This is about halfway down the driveway on the south side.
Trees and sky somewhere on Royer Road. I liked the similarity in the bends of the branches. dscn0554_960h.jpg
dscn0573_960h.jpg A woodpecker hole in a tree. The focus isn't very good, I'll reshoot it if I can find it again.
The back of the Farmall B outside the equipment shed. I didn't realize it had a pulley for a flat belt, I remember a few of those. There's usually a metal splice that makes a ticking sound twice every revolution as it goes over the pulleys. dscn0593_960h.jpg
dscn0633_960h.jpg This is the owner of the beef cattle around. They're organic beef and this isn't manure he's spreading, it's some processed, dried sludge from a sewage treatment plant somewhere. He buys it by the truckload. No smell, just the diesel smell from the tractor.
He saw me with the camera and kept his head turned away. dscn0635_hd_960h.jpg
horsewall2_960h.jpg My collection of horse pictures taken on 11/4/2013, no matter how badly they came out. Notice the nose that's 2nd from the left in the 2nd row down.
Trying to climb inside a woodpecker hole. Fill flash, macro mode, full wide angle, camera about 1 foot from the tree. There's really stuff in the center of this tree. There's a woodpecker around that goes crazy on the mailbox here in mating season to make an impressive noise. I'm still not happy with the picture, it doesn't give the impression of the hole being as deep as it is. The hole's a little above my head, I have to tilt the LCD viewfinder so I can see it and hold the camera up. Maybe I need to experiment with having the camera off the hole's axis more. 11/11/2013 dscn0768.jpg
dscn0775.jpg An abandoned saw rig sitting off in the brush. I don't see any table with this, maybe that's why it's been abandoned. I think the owner cuts everything to stove length with a chainsaw. These are nice, and possibly safer than a chainsaw, but not as fast as a sawbox with a chainsaw. 11/11/2013
What mail delivery here is like if you live on a road that isn't on a normal route. You have to come here to get your mail, still easier than going to the post office 2 miles away. I bet this is fun when the snowplow buries it. 11/11/2013 dscn0789.jpg
moon_720.jpg The acid test of any zoom lens. This was my bare Nikon Coolpix P520 on a tripod, best shot of about 12, cropped then scaled down to 960x720. 11/14/2013
A horse intently watching something in the distance, I never figured out what. 11/16/2013 dscn0909.jpg
dscn0915.jpg The barnyard with the exercise pen, probably about the best shot I can get without going inside the fence. 11/16/2013
This hideous garish thing is what's now at the end of the driveway where Mike & Cindy used to live. I don't like it at all, I almost wish I hadn't walked this far. 11/16/2013 dscn0945
dscn0947.jpg The simple little cottage Mike & Cindy lived in. They used to heat this with about 1 cord of wood for a whole year. 11/16/2013
The pond over at Mike & Cindy's old place. I thought there was something strange about it: there's so much scum on the top that it looks like the ripples are frozen in place. There used to be trout in here 30 years ago. 11/16/2013 dscn0959.jpg
dscn0961.jpg The 3 buildings over here now. That's a little barn to the right of the cottage. 11/16/2013
I don't know anything about different moss types, this is back yard moss. :) 11/18/2013 dscn0992.jpg
dscn1001.jpg Lichens, I think, on a tree. Less interesting than moss. 11/18/2013
Some mushrooms on the side of a tree, I don't think I ever saw them in a cluster like this. 11/18/2013 dscn1012.jpg
dscn1031.jpg A couple of young steers off by themselves being naughty. 11/18/2013
This tree is alive still, I'm not sure what happened to it. It's far enough from the road so a snow plow probably didn't hit it. Maybe lightning. 11/18/2013 dscn1051.jpg
dscn1062.jpg A mini-stash of acorns in the end of an old log. Could have been squirrels or chipmunks that did this. 11/18/2013
This is driveway moss (from beside the driveway). It looks like something you'd find beside a pond and it was too wet to sit in because the eaves from the garage drip here. 11/18/2013 dscn1102.jpg
dscn1117.jpg The old Will Rainville place from the back yard where I live. It's about ¼ mile away. 11/18/2013
Valley fog again. Those aren't islands, they're mountain tops. 11/22/2013 dscn1253.jpg
dscn1261.jpg Looking out across the field on a cloudy day. I just liked the lines here, the tracks by the spreader and the immediate hillside diagonally in the foreground, the treeline diagonally at the left, the horizon in the distance. 11/22/2013
This is the field that runs parallel to the fairgrounds. It was a cloudy day and about 3:30 in the afternoon by the time I was on my way back from the dump. Gamma was tweaked on some of these and at least one had the white level changed. 11/23/2013 dscn1321.jpg
dscn1325.jpg Zoomed in on the house at the far side of the field. I've heard who lives there but I forget. 11/23/2013
Looking east from up by the fairgrounds. 11/23/2013 dscn1330.jpg
dscn1326.jpg Zoomed in. I think the valley beyond the first ridge is where Greenfield is. 11/23/2013
The Dickenson house, there's only one member of this family still alive. There might be some connection to Emily Dickenson's family, they've always been mysterious about the possibility. 11/30/2013 dscn1370.jpg
dscn1379.jpg This is a Farmall M that for several decades was part of the town road crew's equipment, now retired. 11/30/2013
This was the Heath Center school house, then a Grange hall, now it belongs to The Historical Society as a museum. It's right in the center, that's Bray Road just left of it. 11/30/2013 dscn1381.jpg
dscn1389.jpg This is a house over toward Fort Shirley. From looking at the bricks in the chimneys I think it's actually old, not just designed to look old. 11/30/2013
A cute little camp near the edge of Mohawk Estates 11/30/2013 dscn1393.jpg
dscn1398.jpg Mount Greylock from up above Heath Center. It's about 20 miles away. 11/30/2013
The house below Dickenson's on the opposite side of the road. 11/30/2013 dscn1403.jpg
dscn1406.jpg Two houses down from Dickenson's. I can remember this selling for an unheard of amount of money at the time like ¼ million back in the 1980s. 11/30/2013
Howland's house in the center. 11/30/2013 dscn1382.jpg
dscn1407.jpg A strange leaden sky, there was a little sleet later. This was on a Sunday barely into deer season and I could hear about 1 shot per minute off in different directions. The season goes on until the 14th. 12/01/2013
I finally got the wood in, it gets harder every year. There are 3 stacks here, each 16 feet long. That seam in the concrete wall behind them is the 8 foot mark, so this is roughly 3 cords. Since the stove doesn't use electricity this is a guarantee of being warm all winter no matter what the weather brings. 12/01/2013 dscn1421.jpg
dscn1429.jpg The driveway without the wood pile. I still have some chips and bark to clean up then I can get on with something else. 12/01/2013
The windmill at Berkshire East from Heath, a rainy day in December, I just liked the sun coming through the clouds. 12/20/2013 dscn1505.jpg
dscn1513.jpg A modern working barn, nothing special about it unless you're from a city and you've never seen one. The roof extension over the upper door is a little unusual. 12/21/2013

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