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A continuation of my Walking Pictures page just because the original was getting too big. I fairly often take 100 pictures a day or so and only a small fraction of those make it even this far. I got my current camera 10/23/2013 and by 8/1/2014 I'd taken 9000 pictures with it.

Prints of these are available, made on a color laser printer from the full resolution images. alan01346@gmail.com I hope to sell them in local stores, don't have any shopping cart set up for buying online. Paypal accepted by prearrangement.

I wish I could have next and previous links on the picture pages, but the fact is there are no picture pages. When you click a thumbnail here it's linked directly to the bigger image, there's no place to put the links. I'd have to create hundreds of dummy pages just to hold the links. Use your back button.

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dscn2665 As often happens in the fall we're getting a lot of rainy weather. It's also beginning to be foliage season so I'm trying to take pictures between showers and sometimes from under an umbrella. 10/1/2014
I was dark and miserable so I was experimenting with using exposure compensation to make it brighter instead of doing it in software on the image file. Here I made it look 1.7 stops brighter. What I did was to take a lot of pictures at different settings then pick what I liked best. The EXIF data in the file says the exposure compensation was +1.7. It's more convenient than just changing the F stop and shutter speed plus it's portable. It will always use settings 1.7 stops brighter than the meter says it needs, even when the scene changes. 10/2/2014 dscn9057
dscn2746 Looking southwest, I can just see the windmill in there. This has an exposure compensation of +1.3. 10/2/2014
My jalapenos between showers. It was still fairly dark so I use the camera's flash with a gel over it to make it look more like daylight. 10/2/2014 dscn2761
spiders I was downstairs trying to take a picture of my gel arrangement when one of the spiders from overhead paid a visit so I got a few pictures of him against the white backdrop. Autofocus focuses on the closest thing it sees so it worked well for this. Trying to take a picture through a window screen or underbrush it usually does the wrong thing. The flash lit him up well. 10/2/2014
This is the gel. I taped it over the flash on my camera with a piece of plastic to keep the tape from sticking to the flash at the back. Then I pulled it off and added more tape for strength so now I can slip it on when I want. It's still a little awkward, falls off once in a while and I don't know where to keep it. If I had just the right size bottle that would work. I need to be able to carry it when I'm outdoors which is far from realistic. It's a 1/4 CTO (Color Temperature Orange) gel, I got a 20 x 24 inch (about) sheet for $7 from B&H Photo. 10/2/2014 dscn2766
dscn2813 Finally we got a sunny day and I had an errand to run so I took a few pictures out in the big world away from home. This is the Little Red Schoolhouse in East Charlemont. I don't know its history really but I think the building's a museum. I didn't go in. 10/3/2014
A hydroelectric dam and generating facility in East Charlemont. Mostly I like the still water and reflections but there isn't much choice of where you can take a picture from. 10/3/2014 dscn2822
dscn2826 I got stuck at a railway crossing for maybe 10 minutes while this went by so I stuck the camera out the window and took a few pictures. I always liked trains. 10/3/2014
I wanted to be on the overpass this is next to taking a picture of Route 2 (AKA Mohawk Trail) looking west but it's totally inhospitable. 10/3/2014 dscn2828
dscn2837 dscn2847 dscn2851 3 shots of the Deerfield River taken from a rest area. 10/3/2014
10/3/2014 sunset dscn2864
dscn2917 They've rearranged the fences so the cows can roam over the whole pasture. I'm not quite sure why they bother instead of just letting them at the whole thing at once. 10/5/2014
One of the younger cattle, little more than a calf really, wasn't feeling well. Another shows concern and gave it some licking. I did see the one down raise its head at least once and by the time I got back from my walk they'd all moved to a different part of the pasture. Taken with the camera handheld. 10/5/2014 dscn2922
dscn2966 One of my favorite scenes from last year reshot with a different camera and a tripod instead of handheld. I think last year I was down about even with that first tree on the right. The foliage season is really just starting up here but I don't know how advanced it will be by the next sunny day. 10/5/2014
Another scene from last year and again I was a little farther forward then to leave out the road on the left. I'm playing around with making these darker so nothing is overexposed in the dappled lighting but then I have to mess with the curves tool to put detail back into the shadows. I'm not sure I like the result 10/5/2014 dscn2988
dscn3005 This almost looks better than last year but mostly because the underbrush is taller. It's still too early to have much color. Time of day matters too, those were mostly early afternoon, these were just before noon. 10/5/2014
Our first freeze warning of the year for up here. Not a hard frost, predicted low is 34° I rigged this up last year and it worked fairly well. It's an old tablecloth held with clothespins to a pair of fiberglass electric fence stakes horizontally. I can take it off and put it on without disturbing the plants much at all. 10/5/2014 dscn3022
dscn3028 Cows with long shadows since they were right there. They can come up to the bottom of the lawn now. I worry about them discovering where the pears and apples live and breaking through the fence to get them a couple feet away. Some do get out once in a while. 10/5/2014
Sunset beside Mount Greylock from my new spot on the back lawn. Not a very good spot or not a very good sunset, I'm not sure which. Across the road you can think of the trees in the way to the south like the pivot point of a seesaw horizontally. As the sun moves farther south I need to go farther north to see around the trees. I was getting quite a ways into that field. I'm not sure this new spot will work out, maybe I'll move the picnic table and stand on it. There's more stuff in the way to the west than I like. I hate to cut the trees but they have sprung up in the past few years. 10/5/2014 dscn3033
dscn3051 It seems to be a year with quite a few acorns. Not sure what that means but they seem to go in cycles. Probably next year there'll be a lot of squirrels. Here in the driveway a lot get crushed. 10/6/2014
I went back to Bissell Bridge in Charlemont. Last time I came here it turned out to be Yankee Doodle Days (Charlemont's fair) that I didn't know about, this time the state police had Route 2 closed in Charlemont center so all of Route 2's traffic was coming this way. It was a Monday, should have been quiet.

I'd like to have been able to actually walk across the bridge but there was way too much traffic for that. There's no sidewalk or anything. My father had a job hauling lumber to build the original one, it was replaced a few years ago. The outside will eventually turn a nice barn board gray, it's just starting. 10/6/2014
dscn3056 dscn3070 dscn3076
dscn3106 dscn3119 dscn3123
dscn3160 I was in Charlemont for an errand and had to wait a half hour for somebody to get back from lunch so I walked out here. I went here grades 4 - 7, haven't even thought about the place much since. 10/7/2014
Technically not even a sunset. It still had maybe a couple degrees to go and it started raining. It wasn't very interesting so I quit. I'm not sure I'm willing to stand around in cold weather for these. 10/7/2014 dscn3180

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