Walking Pictures - 9/1/2014 - 9/30/2014

A continuation of my Walking Pictures page just because the original was getting too big. I fairly often take 100 pictures a day or so and only a small fraction of those make it even this far. I got my current camera 10/23/2013 and by 8/1/2014 I'd taken 9000 pictures with it.

Prints of these are available, made on a color laser printer from the full resolution images. alan01346@gmail.com I hope to sell them in local stores, don't have any shopping cart set up for buying online. Paypal accepted by prearrangement.

I wish I could have next and previous links on the picture pages, but the fact is there are no picture pages. When you click a thumbnail here it's linked directly to the bigger image, there's no place to put the links. I'd have to create hundreds of dummy pages just to hold the links. Use your back button.

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dscn0812 My jalapenos from underneath (1 row). They go from light green -> dark green -> black -> red as they ripen. Light green have thin skins so there's not as much pepper there. I want 1 or 2 red ones for seeds to save but they all taste about the same. If I pick off the dark green ones soon new peppers will replace them but we're coming up on the end of the growing season. 9/2/2014
Sunset 9/2/2014. I'm limping along with a crappy spare tripod because my old one fell apart on 8/31 but I should have a new $450 one (more than the camera itself) by tomorrow afternoon. I think I can see a difference in sharpness but maybe I'm imagining it. Especially at bigger sizes the leaves aren't quite sharp. I couldn't find examples of pictures taken with bad tripods but I think the idea is that you buy something you know is good and it removes that uncertainty. It has a 10 year warranty at least. It can also handle 11 lbs of camera so if I get something with big lenses I'm covered. It's especially noticable when really zoomed in or when cropping down to a small part of the picture (think angular movement of the camera within the time the shutter's open). We'll see. dscn9057
dscn0857 Finally a serious tripod. Manfrotto (Italian) cost more than my camera but it's got a 10 year warranty. Now I don't have to wonder if my pictures aren't sharp because I'm using a cheapie tripod that came from the dump. This is carbon fiber and only weighs 4 pounds. I wanted one tall enough that I could look through the viewfinder without having to stoop over and kill my back. With the center column up this goes over my head. Haven't read much of the instruction manual yet, it came just before dark and I wanted to use it. Most tripods I found I couldn't buy replacement parts for if something breaks or gets lost, this one I can. 9/3/2014
I've seen these around before but never happened to get a picture of one. He was on a mission and not about to hold still for me. 9/3/2014 dscn0862
dscn0873 Advertising? Name dropping? Not totally. The tripod itself is wonderful: big, sturdy, light. The cheapest kit at B&H Photo came with a video head which I'm not crazy about. My camera can do video but I'm so uninterested that I've never even done it. For photography it's heavy and clumsy, the positioning isn't very good. I've got to email them about swapping just the head (it unscrews). The odd stripes above the model number I think are the carbon fibers showing through, I see them all along the legs. 9/4/2014
Two views from the driveway taken with the camera on the Manfrotto. I've done these many times with my Velbon, wondering if I can see a difference. I suppose the real test will be on a clear day at maximum zoom looking at one of the distant things and comparing that to something I shot before. Clouds are overexposed: I was using center-weighted metering and not paying attention to them. Looking for camera shake is different than looking for bad focus. 9/4/2014 dscn0882 dscn0885
dscn0900 A weed in the driveway. This is so much more complex and interesting than any cultivated flower I've ever seen. The Poison Hemlock and Devil's Paintbrush are too. 9/4/2014
Looking southwest. Got almost everything right except the clouds are overexposed. The histogram in the viewfinder would have told me that but I wasn't paying attention to it, being more into focus. 9/7/2014 dscn1100
dscn1125 Walked down here again for exercise. I'm planning to drive to Greenfield in a couple days and I'd like to do Poet's Seat and Sachem's Head so I wanted to get in shape a little. South end of the house is overexposed from using averaging metering and not looking at the histogram again. 9/7/2014
Looking northeast, I wanted to get the yellow flowers (probably dandelions) but the whole picture has a yellowish cast. Probably just the sun position, I checked the white balance setting, it's the same as the rest. Just a hint of fall foliage color starting to show here. 9/7/2014 dscn1135
dscn1143 The wider picture of the house and barn. I usually work around this tree on the right. The corrugated roof pictures were taken just beyond it. 9/7/2014
I thought this was an acorn although I don't remember happening to catch one red in the ripening stage before. Then it occurred to me later it could be a tiny puff ball. I didn't pick it up or the weight would have told me. It's the size of an acorn without the cap. 9/7/2014 dscn1150
dscn1154 I didn't eat any. I don't know what they are but I like the red mottled appearance which isn't visible from a distance. 9/7/2014
Two! shots of a nothing sunset. It was just too clear but I like the rays of the sun in the first one and the glow in the sky in the second. 9/7/2014 dscn1155 dscn1160
dscn1205 dscn1211 After the sunset this was to the south, wider than I could capture in a picture. 9/8/2014
Moonlight on some clouds with a post lamp showing too. 9/8/2014 dscn1217
Spying on the neighbors, sort of. To my naked eye those 2 outdoor lights looked like they were different colors. I guess the one on the left is higher wattage but the right one looked more red. This house is 1000 feet away by Google Earth. 9/8/2014
I finally got to Greenfield for the first time in 5 years and headed straight for Poet's Seat. It was a partly cloudy day so some places are in sun and some in shadow, it all kept moving around. This is looking toward the center. 9/9/2014 dscn1236
dscn1228 The high school and the hospital. 9/9/2014
Looking south at Mt. Sugarloaf 9/9/2014 dscn1278
dscn1286 Turners Falls. I hadn't been up here in 20 years or so, I forgot you could see that too. Turners and Deerfield are more visible from the top level of the tower than below. 9/9/2014
Looking north, I think I see Eaglebrook in there. 9/9/2014 dscn1290
dscn1306 Looking south. This barely misses Sugarloaf at the left but I also see Greenfield center in there.. 9/9/2014
Another micro sunset, only interesting in a tiny part of the horizon and only for a few minutes. The sun moves 360° in 24 hours so 360 / (24 * 60) = 360 / 1440 = 0.25 degrees per minute (OK, we move, the sun doesn't). There were heavy clouds almost down to the horizon but the sun poked through for maybe 2 minutes before it disappeared for the night. 9/9/2014 dscn1359
dscn1384 Pastoral gloom, maybe fitting for 9/11. NYC is out there somewhere in the direction the camera's looking. 9/11/2014
It's getting chilly out there in shorts. 9/12/2014 dscn1428
dscn1470 dscn1472 dscn1473 Yes, I was in Greenfield again. Shot these guys handheld while waiting for a pizza. 9/14/2014
Not much happening as far as a classic sunset in the west, the third one was to the south. That's the Berkshire East windmill beacon in there. 9/14/2014 dscn1489 dscn1514 dscn1517
dscn1600 The sunset itself was marred by opaque clouds near the horizon again but some of the stuff higher up was interesting. 9/15/2014
More cows today. When they pasture this field after the hay season they section it off by moving fences around. These cows (organic beef actually) can't get closer yet until the fences get taken down. I kind of enjoy talking to them. They get moved around from pasture to pasture according to some schedule. 9/16/2014 dscn1613
dscn1638 dscn1642 It looks a little like fire, but the sun is fire, it livens things up. This is zoomed way in, those trees are on the far side of the field I go to. 9/16/2014
Distant cows. Actually it seems like a mixture of ages, the 2 closest ones look young. Too young and they're small enough to climb under fences. They seem interested in something off to the left and they started clustering over there. 9/17/2014 dscn1666
dscn1662 Windmill with birds. I was taking yet another picture of the windmill and noticed all these specks on the screen when I was looking at it. I caught a flock of birds in the air in the foreground, The windmill's 2½ miles away, the birds are probably between the camera and that foreground tree. It's a morning shot so the cell tower at left and fire radio tower right of the windmill both show up. 9/17/2014
The only way I seem to get anything interesting from most recent sunsets is to wait until the sun itself is just below the horizon then zoom in on this little area right above it. 9/17/2014 dscn1699
dscn1722 The beginning of foliage season, depressing. This is about where I go to take sunset pictures but looking in a different direction. 9/18/2014
Looking south at the clouds. If I expose those right the ground is underexposed so I dug it out of the mud with the curves tool. 9/18/2014 dscn1727
dscn1729 I mostly liked the branches overhead and the daisies under it here. We've had some daisies around most of the summer but these have blossomed recently or I just noticed them. 9/18/2014
Brown eyed Susans, I've been looking for these all summer but I guess they bloom late. 9/18/2014 dscn1734
dscn1738 Where the horses might be but they're not out today. There's one tree in the distance starting to turn, I didn't notice the red bush in the foreground until I got home. Overexposed clouds. 9/18/2014
Currants, I think. We used to have a bunch at my grandparents' house and I used to pick a lot and my grandmother made jelly out of them. Sour without sugar. 9/18/2014 dscn1741
dscn1744 dscn1748 Daisies by the mailboxes at the crossroads. Bumblebees were busy. 9/18/2014
Goldenrod and clouds, looking south. 9/18/2014 dscn1752
dscn1765 color charts I got my new ColorMunki. Screwed up my first time through everything but I got my laptop screen calibrated, need to redo my printer. It aims to do everything a photographer could need in the way of color calibration. It does monitors, printers, cameras, scanners, projectors and ambient lighting. For printers it outputs the first color chart then you scan it using a sensor on the bottom of the unit, it calculates the second chart which you print and scan. Software for Windows and Mac, actually it seems to be written in Java so to some degree it might work under Unix but I imagine that's unsupported. The color profiles are .icm files which are universal. Most of my computers boot into Unix or Windows so I can make files in Windows and use them in Unix also. 9/18/2014
One of the spiders that lives overhead here in the basement. They're hard to catch in a picture and he didn't like the flash at all. 9/19/2014 dscn1839
dscn1843 A sunset picture all printed and framed. I may fiddle with the settings more but the printer is definately better than it's been for several months. 9/20/2014
A few freshly picked cherry tomatoes. 9/20/2014 dscn1840
dscn1855 9/20/2014 sunset. I like this better than the framed one above because it has more character.
Cows in fog. One of them's watching me. 9/21/2014 dscn1882
dscn1886 My tripod doesn't have a center column that tilts over like the Oben ones do so I was wondering if I could still use it as a copy stand. There's one slotted position in the ball head for using the camera up sideways so I put the camera in that and faced it down. Next I collapsed the 2 legs on the side toward the picture on the floor by about 3 inches to make the camera more level. Now I'm pretty much looking down on the picture on the floor with the camera level. I could collapse the legs more to get closer. 9/21/2014
My Macbeth color chart in different lighting conditions. I should have used the same background for all the pictures, and used spot metering on one of the gray patches to try to get the exposure more consistent. But this shows the effect of lighting on colors somewhat. 9/21/2014 color charts
dscn1903 The ColorMunki in place for profiling a monitor (just finished). The carrying case doubles as a holder while you're working on a monitor. There's an opening in the side that's facing the screen to let light through. That strap is weighted which makes it weird to handle but you hang the strap on the back of a monitor and it's just the right weight to hold the ColorMunki up. The software drives the screen through red, green, blue, gray at various levels and the sensor measures how much light it gives off. There's another sensor for measuring room light. I gave the screen a quick cleaning first but didn't do a very good job. 9/21/2014
They rearranged the fences this morning so the cows could get closer to the house. Unfortunately when the cows saw me coming with my tripod and cane they literally ran out of site over the hill, I couldn't believe it. Maybe there's a little abuse in their history.

Anyway a blush of early foliage color looking southwest toward the windmill from the bottom of the lawn. 9/22/2014
dscn1964 Rose hips, I guess. I've heard the term as a source of vitamin C but never seen the way they grow. These are rose bushes so that must be what they are. Wikipedia concurs and says you can make jam out of them, but I've got 2 cups at most. 9/23/2014
Trying to gradually make friends with these beefers. Shooting handheld so I didn't scare them with the tripod. That may sound silly but when I realized the fence had been moved so they could get closer to the house I went rushing out near where they were and they all ran. 9/23/2014 dscn1971
dscn2002 You might say they all look the same but they probably say the same thing about us. They were in a little patch of woods beside the driveway where it's dark and shadowy so I walked up there slowly with no cane or tripod to not scare them. 9/23/2014
I keep going up and this time they were out in the sun. I got a little closer but still couldn't pet one, they backed away when I tried to step too close. I went back after this with the tripod and a few pears but by then they'd all wandered off. dscn2021 dscn2036 dscn2039
dscn2044 dscn2049 dscn2056
dscn2057 dscn2061 dscn2070
dscn2083 Sunset is getting earlier by 2 mintes per day at this point, I missed the best part of this one. 9/23/2014
My old and new business cards, just found my card wallet and cleaned it out. 9/23/2014 dscn1971
dscn2151 dscn2165 I follow these cows around and babble at them trying to get them used to me. Most of the time they ignore me like the horses across the road. 9/24/2014
dscn2177 dscn2180
Increasingly I seem to live for sunsets. For about 10 or 20 minutes I'm really busy zooming in and out, checking the focus, resetting the timer, trying an exposure an F/stop darker to see if the colors get enhanced, trying to capture different parts of it. It's not really action photography like sports but almost. I took about 75 pictures of this one.

There were several things going on here. There were 2 long clouds that were probably old vapor trails possibly running parallel but from my perspective they looked like a V. There was another long dark cloud at right angles to them overhead. For some reason it made me think of sitting in the balcony of a theatre with an awning overhead looking at the stage. And then the left vapor trail was spewing out something that made streaks off to its left.
dscn2207 dscn2221 dscn2227
dscn2234 dscn2237 dscn2242
dscn2246 dscn2252 dscn2260
dscn2316 Went for a walk, most of a mile, on a crappy day and this is the best picture I pulled out of it. 9/25/2014
A couple of very similar cow and early foliage pictures. Neither are around all year. I'm going to miss this view when I have to leave here. 9/26/2014 dscn2333 dscn2336
dscn2385 I went up to "High Ledges" in Shelburne which has a spot overlooking Shelburne Falls but I must have taken the wrong trail up there because I never found it. I walked until I didn't feel like I could walk much more and still had to turn around and walk back to the car. Rare 80° day too. I'd only been there once before about 20 years ago. This was up there anyway, I took a wrong turn just beyond this I think. 9/28/2014
The little boy in me wanted to play in the puddle but the old man in me didn't want to climb down the bank to get to it. 9/28/2014 dscn2389
dscn2397 I'll probably go back but on a weekday. If the overflow parking lot is this full it's almost not worth going. There's no handicapped parking but I could have parked in the main lot and saved a little walking. It seemed like the place was crawling with people but then I'm from Heath and not used to them. I can tell I was in the wrong place because it was quiet where I went. 9/28/2014
I found this farm scene outside the wildlife sanctuary with a spot to pull over and set up my tripod. I was on Patten Road, this was north of it. 9/28/2014 dscn2402
dscn2421 Got home and promptly went for a walk after a little rest. Managed to catch this hawk circling, once of several tries. Didn't see any wildlife at the wildlife sanctuary. 9/28/2014
The leaves up high haven't started to change as much as in the valley but Route 2 was crowded with "leaf peepers" 9/28/2014 dscn2428
dscn2434 A closeup of foliage. I've already got my next trip down into the valley planned. It seems photographers don't have any time off this time of year unless it rains. 9/28/2014
Catching this scene was what prompted me to go for a walk on tired legs. There'll be more color later. Might even get a rainy day this week. 9/28/2014 dscn2443
dscn2488 The sky looked interesting (relatively) so I got the camera out. It was dark and sprinkling a little, not worth trying to take any real pictures I cared about. I was using the flash for cow pictures. 9/29/2014
The cows seemed like they were feeling neglected so I went over there. I've been picking up pears that fall off the pear tree and bringing up a few as treats. I guess word got around or the smell was still on the ground. So I spent about 5 minutes talking to them and tossing in a few pears, trying to keep track of who'd had one. Cows have 3 stomachs (really) and food takes so long to go through that if they eat many of some fruits like apples they'll actually ferment. Cows get drunk from eating apples. They get rowdy and if they're dairy cows it screws up the milk for a few days. It curdles if I remember right so it can't be used but they still have to be milked and the milk thrown away (or fed to pigs). It doesn't happen often because dairy farmers go to great lengths to avoid it. Ever see apple trees in a pasture? Not often. 9/29/2014 dscn2492
dscn2499 This is a blurry picture but I like the expression, looking at me out of the corner of his eye. Don't remember if he'd had his treat yet or not. They have such placid expressions and we can't reliably read their emotions but there must be some. 9/29/2014
Then there came some moo, not very loud, from off to the right, and they all left, some running. I couldn't figure out what it was about. These are just domestic cattle but buffalo probably have similar communication and a social structure of their own. 9/29/2014 dscn2501
dscn2507 So in the end I was left with clouds and the cows had gone off to do something else. Sometimes their mooing seems aggravated and frantic but I can never see the reason for it, it must be something only they understand. But it seems to be a spoken language which implies more intelligence than we give them credit for having. Much like we thought about whales. 9/29/2014
Good fishing tonight, probably the best since June. I'm not in control of what the sky does, that's just luck. I can fudge a bad night to try to pull something out of it but nothing like this. 9/29/2014 dscn2532 dscn2573 dscn2583
dscn2591 dscn2598 dscn2601
dscn2606 dscn2609 dscn2611
dscn2613 dscn2621 dscn2630
dscn2647 I'm getting tired of fog pictures. I'm all psyched to do foliage and at 9 AM it looks like this, might as well go back to bed. 9/30/2014

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