Walking Pictures - 8/1/2014 - 8/31/2014

A continuation of my Walking Pictures page just because the original was getting too big. I fairly often take 100 pictures a day or so and only a small fraction of those make it even this far. I got my current camera 10/23/2013 and by 8/1/2014 I'd taken 9000 pictures with it.

Prints of these are available, made on a color laser printer from the full resolution images. alan01346@gmail.com I hope to sell them in local stores, don't have any shopping cart set up for buying online. Paypal accepted by prearrangement.

I wish I could have next and previous links on the picture pages, but the fact is there are no picture pages. When you click a thumbnail here it's linked directly to the bigger image, there's no place to put the links. I'd have to create hundreds of dummy pages just to hold the links. Use your back button.

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dscn9035 I spotted this glass with a flower over the sink one night and thought it would be nice to emphasize the way the light from the light over the window looks going through the glass. The windowsill is yellow, the scren frame is beige, none of those have anything to do with white light going through clear water and a clear glass. I dropped it to black and white and the important parts looked the same. The colors were a distraction, and an ugly one at that. Went back to color mode, selected the flower, inverted the selection to get everything else instead, then dropped the color saturation on everything but the flower to 0. Red flower in a black and white picture. There's not a lot of light here, this is like a 1/8 second exposure but more importantly the camera cranked the ISO up to 800 so there's starting to be noise. If you really zoom in it looks like it was shot with Tri-X film, all grainy and speckly 8/1/2014
So the next day it was sunny about noon and I got out there with a similar glass with water in it, stuck in the closest flower which happened to be goldenrod and snapped away. I didn't want a distracting background so I had the glass sitting on something black. Because it wasn't very big I used a high camera angle to avoid running out of backdrop. Now I'm looking through the glass at the wrong angle and it has all the grace of an iceberg. I ruined the effect I initially started out to capture. I don't have any backdrop material that was made for the purpose, and taking out the background in Gimp took hours. I don't want to make a habit of that. I want a background with no color, which means black, white, or gray. What happens if I take a cardboard box and line it with office paper? Stay tuned. I need to use water that doesn't have air bubbles too. 8/1/2014 dscn9057
dscn9087 A bumble bee coming in for a landing on a flower. I didn't expect to catch one in the air and it's a tiny bit out of focus as well as blurred. Sorta looks like a bus with wings though. 8/2/2014

I built a micro photo studio in a box today. I take a lot of pictures of small things for documenting electronics and computer stuff and it's usually a struggle to find an uncluttered background. I took a cardboard box and cut the flaps off then cut out most of one side which will be my top. 8/3/2014 dscn9117
dscn9121 I glued the flaps down for strength. I've weakened the box considerably, which was why I left an inch around what I cut out (the near side in this picture). I'm using rubber cement so I lifted each flap and smeared the underside with glue, also the part of the box under them. The clothes pins here hold the flaps from touching the bottom until the glue dries. This is a good time to go wash your hands because you're through cutting cardboard (which may be dirty on the outside) and you don't want to leave smudges on the white paper.
Most of the inside will be covered with 4 sheets of paper but getting the corners covered first makes the joints between them less critical. You don't care about the top or front. I didn't measure much, that takes all the fun out of it. Cut strips of paper, crease them, and glue them in. dscn9125
dscn9135 Paper sides glued on, one of my first pictures using my new studio. I didn't do anything (yet) about lighting because I mostly intend to use this outdoors with sunlight. Lighting here is the camera's flash so it's overexposed in places, there's also a shadow in the foreground caused by the bottle blocking an overhead light. But there's no background clutter.
It is, after all, still a cardboard box. Whether the box will need to be replaced before the paper inside gets dirty is a good question but I didn't spend a lot of money or time on it. Some smudges I can glue more paper over or use white out to cover. dscn9136
dscn9145 If I use this outdoors at noon plenty of light should come in the top. Or I can use it indoors under a light. I might even mount some lights in the upper corners since I probably won't use it outdoors in the winter. Christmas tree bulbs, the little clear ones, I've got some somewhere.

So, 5 sheets of office paper, a cardboard box, some glue, and about an hour to make it. Glue stick might be faster because you won't have to wait for it to dry, I just like rubber cement.

Next day: what I wish I'd included is some way to hold it steady outdoors in the wind. Something like a piece of 1/4" plywood running under the bottom but sticking out on the ends so I could weight them down with rocks. I was thinking duct tape at the time but I'll almost always need something.

Playing around taking twilight pictures. I figured out how to push the limits of what can happen automatically: these are both like 8 second exposures. I can't decide which I like better. Did I actually get some stars in there? Holy crap. 8/3/2014 dscn9163 dscn9173
dscn9224 dscn9226 Trying out my new box. As usual I'm not sure which picture I like better. I tried a white flower first so by the time I got to the clover the bottom of the glass was all fingerprints. I like the way the stem bends but the light wasn't very interesting in the glass. I cleaned the glass and tried the bigger flower. This picture's not bad but in 5 minutes it was limp as a dishrag. I was shooting, concentrating on the light, and the flower gradually slipped down into the glass. Right now there's not much in bloom, I wish I'd done this earlier with a rose or something. The rod on the bottom? Well, I grabbed it from the windowsill because seeing it through the glass is interesting sometimes and it adds a diagonal line to a featureless box. It worked better in the clover picture than the other. Other than the flower, stem and leaves, there's not much color in either picture, just naturally. Neither quite re-creates the scene indoors because the sun is never completely overhead the way the indoor light is. 8/4/2014
The "set" outside the box. The Coke bottle holds de-aerated water so there aren't bubbles in the glass. The table and tripod came from the dump. The garage is full of junk, that's an old snowblower under the washtub at right. Each time I went out to shoot I'd turn the box so the shadows were equal on both sides, which put the sun squarely into the front, then move the tripod and chair to follow. This spot is sheltered from the wind but hot because there's no breeze. This was with the white flower, no rod, end of take 1. 8/4/2014 dscn9163
dscn9252 "Tranquility" Another twilight one since nothing happened in the sunset. Taken from the road behind the house. That red light right of the house is the beacon on the windmill at Berkshire East 2½ miles away. Moon was half-full, it flared because it's overexposed. If I exposed that right nothing else would show up. 8/4/2014
My usual burgers - to each pound of hamburg add about 1 teaspoon each: soy sauce, chopped jalapeno, chopped fresh garlic. Knead well to mix, grill on high. I fold in the corners on my cheese slices so they don't melt and get lost in the grill. I ate one before I took the picture so they're not freshly grilled here. I freeze these in sandwich baggies with wax paper between to keep the cheese from sticking to the next burger. I don't eat them that often, this is about 2 month's worth. 8/6/2014 dscn9261
dscn9273 dscn9300 Enhanced reality. I was there, the colors were there, they just weren't quite this vivid. I used the curves tool to "help" them a bit. I'm still a little squeamish about doing that, but I haven't seen a good sunset in almost a month. 8/4/2014
A fresh moon shot. See that gouge near the bottom left of the light area that sort of ends at a crater? I've never seen a discussion of that. I think whatever hit in the crater must have bounced and rolled to make the gouge. The scales are deceptive but it must have rolled for miles. It must have been spinning so it bounced up out of the crater and just kept rolling from the momentum it already had. The surface must have been soft enough at the time so it could leave a trail. Where did it go? It must have evaporated. So it was ice of some sort, maybe not water ice but some frozen gas. I mean, it was massive enough to make the crater and the trail, then it just vanishes? Weird. 8/6/2014 dscn9302
original   Here's what I don't like about my last sunset pictures. This is the original image, which was underexposed. Notice in the histogram at the bottom of the levels dialog box at right everything is left of center, meaning there was nothing brighter than half scale.
levels   The way the curves dialog works is that the input values go horizontally across the graph, output values go vertically. I've just mapped a half scale input to a full scale output. Normally I'd do this with the levels dialog box but I wanted the extra control. And I needed the practice: I've known how this works for maybe 15 years but I don't have much confidence in using it. I use levels to correct exposure errors fairly often.
gamma   I clicked on the new curve near the bottom and dragged it right. I'm tending toward making the whole output range covered by the input values that the peak represents. You can do this many places on the curve, if you make one you don't like just drag it off the graph and it goes away. You can drag them up and down and side to side. This non-linearity I consider slightly dishonest. The lighter diagonal line in the graph is just a guide to remind you how far you're deviating from the original. This is what adjusting the gamma does but this gives more control.
Playing with a standard Ball quilted jelly jar in bright sun on a piece of white paper. The first picture is just the jar, the second one I put water in it. With the water the pattern mostly goes away and there's this lens effect. I was sort of hoping it would set the paper on fire but that didn't happen. The colors in the jar apparently come from a prism effect. I loved Physics. 8/7/2014 dscn9326 dscn9352
dscn9457 There wasn't much happening cloud-wise but there was good color. I watched from my usual spot until most everything was over, then tried the front yard, then as I was putting the tripod away on the porch I looked out the back window. So this is from the back yard. I don't usually go here for sunsets because the trees are usually in the way, here they add features. Only 1 cloud. 0.8 second exposure, f/5.9, ISO 80 8/8/2014
Here a red barn there a red barn... Toward the north end of town where I don't usually go. 8/9/2014 dscn9472
dscn9477 dscn9479 dscn9486 Taken under the power lines you can see in the last picture, that's the same red barn with the door open. I had taken several other shots similar to the last one looking east but screwed up the focus. I was planning to go farther north and take more but I got tired of the Saturday traffic, about 1 car every 30 seconds, some gawking, some whizzing by. 8/9/2014
A salvage job: this is part of what I was trying to show to the east with a bunch of brush in the foreground cropped out. I need to go back and reshoot, probably from a different camera position. 8/9/2014 dscn9481
dscn9496 One of the first pictures of the night was the best, that's not unusual. So I guess I need to keep going earlier. This was at 7:55 PM and from now until Dec 21 it will keep getting earlier. I stayed a half hour and took 49 pictures as it was. I keep getting these dense clouds that are opaque, if they'd light up it would be more interesting. Sometimes the edges light up. 8/8/2014

I did my 1 mile walk today, strange things are still happening with focusing. When I think I've got it figured out it surprises me. About half the ones I took today were out of focus. The rest aren't terribly exciting so I'm just dumping them out here. I do this walk more for exercise than to take pictures at this point, I've been doing the same walk almost a year now, it's getting a little boring.

dscn9557 dscn9570 dscn9574 dscn9576 dscn9581
They were haying part of the field out front and there was like 20% chance of a thundershower. There's probably one off to the left side of the first picture (east) but it didn't get wet here. The second picture is to the west a little while later with the sun coming through a hole in the clouds. Mostly I was experimenting with focus. No conclusion: sometimes manual focus worked better, sometimes autofocus. 8/11/2014 dscn9610 dscn9639
dscn9668 dscn9683 dscn9698 Sunset 8/11/2014, 3 versions. The first was when I just got there so once again I should have gone earlier. The 2nd was one I chose mostly at random, the 3rd was one of the best later ones. 8/11/2014
Using the curves tool on 9683. There was washed out sky that I wanted to make more vibrant. Most of the interesting stuff in the picture is in the right peak so I set that to take up most of the range from black to white by using 2 points on my curve. This is the middle one above. This still seems dishonest somehow. 8/11/2014 dscn9610 dscn9683 edited
dscn9667 dscn9699 We're in the middle of a few days of rainy weather so I'm playing inside. These are the left and right images from above with the curves tool used on the sky. The right one wasn't meant to remain realistic. In both cases I selected the foreground trees and field with quick mask and a combination of the select by color and lasoo tool, then inverted the selection so everything else was selected. I really did get there just as the sun was about to drop below the horizon and I set up my tripod to put it between those 2 trees. I let select by color select a patch of grass in the foreground being lit directly by the sun but I'm not sure I like that. 8/13/2014
The only vegetable I grow because it's about the only one I like. Focus on the peppers isn't quite right: the stem beyond and leaves at far right are more in focus. 8/13/2014 dscn9727
dscn9770 Windmill with valley fog, about 6 PM so the sun's lighting up the fog from the right. Reasonably good focus I think, had to reboot the camera once to set it straight. Slight tweak with the curves tool because everything was too white. I've taken about the same picture many times but each time I think I can do it better. There's nothing in the upper sky here, it crops to a 16:9 (HD) aspect ratio just fine. 8/13/2014
Last weekend I went to the dump and came home with this fairly nice 17" Sony LCD monitor to use with my Raspberry Pi. I had to buy an adapter but here's the Pi running and hanging in front of the monitor. 8/14/2014 dscn9727
dscn9770 Tragely's across the valley again. Nothing I took today was unusable, I can mostly make the focus do what I want. Mostly I keep the lens stopped down for maximum depth of field and use aperture priority. I've manually set the ISO to 80 instead of letting that float around because I seem to get less noise that way. I rarely take pictures indoors. 8/14/2014
Horses and woods. I think the woods are more in focus than the horses but I love the abundance of detail. Makes a really big file though. Noise reduction and vibration reduction were turned off in the camera since I mostly use a tripod these days. It has a 3D effect when I stare at it but it's nothing exceptional, I just did a halfway competent job. 8/14/2014 dscn9727
dscn9881 Wish I could adopt a horse. The flies are driving these guys crazy, it took good focus to see that. I grew up on dairy farms and it seems like we used to have a sprayer of something that we used on the cows once in a while to keep flies off. We didn't have to do it often, that's probably why I don't remember much about it. Something we mixed up and put in a pump sprayer. As usual the problem here is partly political though, they aren't my horses, I don't see the owners often, but the horses seem to be left to fend for themselves. They seem to get plenty of everything but attention. I'm always talking to them when I'm over there, but today I must have used some word they recognized because suddenly they perked up, but I don't know what it was. 8/14/2014
The road home. Where I live is out of sight beyond the upper left corner of the picture. There used to be a more conventional hedgerow here but the owner thinned it out a few years ago. I liked it better the way it was but I don't live there (anymore). 8/14/2014 dscn9793
dscn9906 I don't know what these are but they're adorable. Little pink fuzzy things, a row about 2 feet wide and 50 feet long beside the road. They look a little like the grass called Timothy but the heads are shorter, fatter, and pink. 8/14/2014
There's a sparse east-west line of oaks so when the sun's in the west the shadows fall among the trees. By coincidence with the right timing the road in the background is also parallel. Dropped it to B&W because the variations in green were distracting, then pushed the gamma down to about 0.88 to de-emphasize the midrange grays. Trying to mimic Plus-X film and about #4 enlarging paper. Focus isn't great but what do you focus on? Probably worth reshooting but it has to be a clear day just before sunset. Fresh snow on the ground might be interesting. And keep an eye on the histogram in the viewfinder. This got 10 views in a couple hours on nikonians.org, impressive. 8/14/2014 dscn908
dscn9951 before after It was the kind of crappy-looking day that made me want to roll over and go back to sleep. So I tried making clouds more dramatic. The curves tool pictures are before on the left, after on the right. There's a fair bit of earthly stuff that I wanted to leave alone so I set a point to the right of the first group of peaks on the histogram. Then not much happens until the second group of peaks which are the sky so I allowed a little vertical distance and set another point at the left side of the sky group. I wanted to give most of the output range to the sky colors so I set the white level to the right of the sky group. In the 2nd histogram afterward you can see that the sky peak is now much wider because it's taken up most of the range. I took one intro to statistics course and I like using statistical methods on images or parts of them. 8/15/2014
I wanted to try the Retinex filter on clouds. What I had in mind were the tonal variations in one cloud but I got a day with a lot of little clouds instead. Camera wrapped around at 10,000 and started back at 1, keeping the file numbers straight from here on out is going to be trickier, especially after that happens one or two more times. 8/17/2014 dscn0032 original dscn0032 retinex 1 dscn0032 retinex 2
dscn0058 dscn0067 dscn0082 More looking at shadows among the trees on the back lawn. 8/17/2014
I slept through part of this one because I don't even own an alarm clock and I was taking a nap. 8/18/2014 dscn0094
dscn0058 I put about 70 of my pictures on nikonians.org where photography types can look at them and I could keep track of how many times they'd been looked at. These were the most popular 50%. Sorting is chronological, not by popularity. The dog one was most popular, followed by the windmill with fog rising and the one that looks like Queen Anne's Lace but is actually Poison Hemlock. 8/18/2014
This isn't black and white, it's just dominated by the white. Without special precautions it would have been over exposed. Actually I underexposed slightly to be on the safe side. This version has been through a bunch of work, selecting the flowers and using the curves tool on them, then setting levels and turning up the saturation a smidge on the background. And of course it was blessed by a bee.

Gamma's a funny thing. I don't usually mess with it but the curves tool does a more sophisticated version of the same thing and I did use that a lot. On my laptop if I reduce gamma in my viewing program it makes the flowers stand out from the background more. It will depend on the monitor but try it if it's convenient. The right image has been put through a plugin to try to make it look like a pencil drawing. 8/19/2014
dscn0113 pencil
dscn0058 Goldenrod. The stuff has a woody stem and it always seemed like you could weave baskets out of it while it's green and flexible then have a sturdy basket once it dries. But I never learned how to weave baskets. 8/19/2014
So much for the bumper crop of chokecherries, the birds have wiped them out. See 7/29/2014 for what they did look like. There are a couple unripe red berries and lots of stem ends where berries used to be. There were maybe 100 lbs of cherries here too, I've never seen so many. All gone. Netting or cheesecloth thrown over the trees could have saved them. 8/19/2014 dscn0136
dscn0145 I got over across the road earlier, took about 32 pictures, this was about 2 minutes to 8. All the good stuff happened in about 5 minutes when the sun got to a certain position. No Gimp/Photoshop trickery here, this is what I saw. 8/19/2014
These are Phlox (if I got that right). I'm running out of flowers right now, maybe more will blossom later. The buds are almost as interesting as the flowers, little white spikes. 8/20/2014 dscn0164 dscn0167
dscn0180 dscn0190 dscn0200 dscn0216 It was a crappy overcast day but I took an exercise walk down this hill and took a few pictures. Some I had the white balance set to cloudy on, some not. 8/21/2014
Power lines again. I went past this, topo map in hand, but hit road closed signs where I wanted to go. Guess I need to buy a helicopter. 8/23/2014 dscn0226 dscn0238 dscn0257
dscn0267 dscn0289 dscn0001 Just a couple near-sunset pictures from home, glad the sun finally came out. Front yard and back yard. Then by sunset the clouds were gone. 8/23/2014
Kind of a "startler shot". For me at least my eye is drawn to that blade of grass left of the bush at the right side of the picture. I think that's because it's (approximately) 1/3 of the way from both the right edge and the bottom, and the overhanging tree branch forms part of a spiral that points to it. I've been walking this same stretch of road for exercise at least once a week for most of a year, there's not really much new. My focusing is better and I always lug a tripod these days. I use manual focus but I found out how to use autofocus to set it. I autofocus on something like the sky, which sets the manual focus until next time I zoom in or out. I didn't see the blade of grass in the viewfinder, I was concentrating on the tree, bush and clouds. 8/24/2014 dscn0301
dscn0312 Leftover last year's wood pile at the neighbor's, this is what they had surplus at the end of winter. Some goldenrod for color. The vines on the left side of the pile are probably blackberries, they're just an annoying thorny vine that pops up wild around here (OK, some bird pooped the seed out). Once in a while you actually find a blackberry: I think I've eaten about 6 this year. 8/24/2014
I'm surrounded by farmland, not that there's anything wrong with that. The sign on the tree is permanent, the foreground one is just cardboard. I think there's some tour that happens once a year and these temporary signs pop up first. Better than political crap at least. 8/24/2014 dscn0327
dscn0338 Second cutting. I'm not sure why it's so early except they'll probably use this land for pasture the rest of the year. 8/24/2014

A mini-tutorial about using paths in The Gimp (http://www.gimp.org), which is probably mostly the same in Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, Corel Photo Paint but Gimp is free and it's the only option under Unix so that's all I use. I've used nothing but free software for 5 years now.

My friend Maria took this selfie (left) and I was really struck by the lines not just from the lighting but by being able to see a clear outline of her entire face. So I used an edge detect plugin which turns sharp transitions in value into lines (right). Edge Detect is under Filters in Gimp. I'd really like to see this as a drawing but I can't draw. There's too much clutter in the output from edge detect, I could erase it but it was simpler to pluck out what I wanted to keep. The shadows under her nose and mouth make smudges in edge detect, her eyes didn't come out that well either.

selfie selfie

So here's The Gimp and I've selected the path tool then clicked many places around the outline of her face (zoom in while you're doing this to be more accurate). The more clicks the better especially in curved parts of the line. Outline, nose, mouth, each eye are separate paths.

Paths are 2-dimensional arrays of the X,Y coordinates of every place you clicked while you were creating it. They're lists of numbers. If that's too technical don't worry about it, it's hard to get that deep even if you want to, you just drag and drop. Paths define lines but they can also be converted to selections or selections to paths.

Click on the paths tab of the "Layers, Channels, Paths" dialog at right (layers is showing here). You'll get a similar window where you can create new paths, name them, etc. There are many choices by right-clicking in this window on your paths.

When you've created all your paths save your file as an XCF, that will include all your paths. XCF is Gimp's native file format similar to Photoshop's PSD format. Paths and selections (when in quick mask mode) get saved. Then do File -> New to create a new blank image. The size will probably be OK but keep an eye on it. You can also change what the blank window is filled with: foreground or background colors or transparency. It's hard to change this later.

There are 2 menu bars here because it's a screenshot of another screenshot loaded into Gimp. I wanted to show the points I clicked but also the toolbox and right dialog box. Last time I tried to use Photoshop I coudn't find things because I hadn't used it in a few years. This isn't as polished as Photoshop and most of the filters are childish but it's a work in progress that's been around about 20 years, Photoshop's at least 10 years older. Adobe's an empire, this is a democracy.

making paths

Whichever image window is active will determine what paths show in the paths window. Arrange your old and new image windows so you can get to both then drag the paths from the old paths window and drop into the new image window. They magically appear in the right places in the new image Here I've already done that. "copy" gets appended onto the names you gave your paths.

There's a concept called "stroking" that you need to know about at this point. Paths themselves aren't visible, they're just a record of where your mouse went. Stroking draws a line along each path with an imaginary pen. Here it will use the foreground color and you can choose the width when you do the stroke. They don't all have to be the same: you might want the outline wider than the nose, mouth and eye lines for instance. You can make them different colors by changing the foreground color between. Stroking is native to Postscript too. Once you've stroked this you can save as jpg, gif, whatever and it's a normal image. You stroke a path by right-clicking on it in the paths dialog. These paths haven't been stroked, they're visible because each has an eye showing in the paths dialog. This is the same for layers and it's the same in Photoshop.

paths copied

Options for stroking, you can use a dashed line for instance or change the width, also use a paint tool like a brush.

stroke dialog

In this case I was using Gimp on a unix machine and Maria had Photoshop (I thought) on a Mac. I couldn't make PSD files that seemed to work and she coudn't read XCF files. So what's portable and universal? There's a format called SVG (Scalable Vector Gaphics) that's mostly for web use. Web browsers understand it, there are editors like Inkscape that deal with it, and Gimp can export/import paths as SVG. At the bottom of the menu when you right-click in the paths window is "Export path" and you can choose to export all paths in the same file.

big colors
fine bolder

I like a 1 pixel wide line because it's fine and elegant but sometimes you might want a wider one if it needs to be bolder. You can also open an SVG file in Gimp and it will let you choose the image size in pixels. You can copy things out of a PDF in a similar way.

This was the first time I'd done this so I had to figure it out as I went along. If I'd known it was going to work and I was going to try to document it I would have saved more intermediate files. Inkscape is avaliable for the Big 3: Windows, Mac, Linux, I'm running it under OpenBSD. It's free, like Gimp.

dscn0338 My first doodle in Inkscape, done while I was waiting for parts of it to download to install on another machine. It might be a little like Illustrator, I don't remember, I only used that a little 15 years ago. My interest in Gimp paths comes from wanting to split up topo maps to use in a GPS program I want to write for my Raspberry Pi. I needed to be able to specify a pixel location as an X,Y point, which can be done by writing SVG and then importing into Gimp. I'll need at least dozens of them so I didn't want to do it by hand. This is a long way from that. Inkscape is a memory hog BTW, it was using about 900 megs for 1 page when I looked. This is actually an 8-1/2 x 11 page exported to a bitmap (png). There's no background so the background is transparent. 8/24/2014
Haying from a perspective about 18 inches above ground. This was blurry on Facebook, maybe they limit the byte size of the images or something. Being a JPEG, more detail makes the file bigger bytewise and this might be bigger than anything they want to assimilate. 8/24/2014 dscn0351
dscn0367 I had errands in Shelburne Falls and time to kill so I did the tourist bit. I lived here about 4 years, I think I've only been on the Bridge of Flowers once or twice with somebody who came to visit. I'm just not impressed by cultivated flowers, Devil's Paintbrush is more my speed. The water and the reflections are more interesting. Everybody shoots the Bridge of Flowers, now I see why. Last time I did was on film, without a tripod. I'll be back. I could spend at least half a day here.

I took about 20 pictures of the bridge and none are sharp enough to suit me. I was trying several different focusing methods and they all came out about the same so I think I have to blame my cheap (free) tripod and go back to shopping for a new one. I was going to try to live with what I have. 8/26/2014
Repetitive things make interesting pictures so I hear so this lattice work on the railing should do. I'd forgotten that this bridge shakes when something big goes over it so I spent most of my time over the first pier. No point in using a tripod if it's sitting on something that shakes. I used to lug my laundry over this bridge once a week, even in the winter I never drove it. 8/26/2014 dscn0381
dscn0389 Don't know who that is on the bridge with me, she was kinda cute but young. I kept hoping she'd say something but she didn't and I didn't and that's the way it usually goes with me. I'd left my business cards in the car anyway. 8/26/2014
Downstream toward the dam. That's the road to Conway on the far bank, I used to commute to Amherst that way. So I used to drive through here twice a day for years, I guess that's why I never made a special trip to take pictures.

This is the closest I've been to an ocean or a lake in years. The still water makes for nice reflections. This is a canal in a valley so the surface is almost always calm. I only live 15 minutes away, it's worth burning a little gas to come back a few times. 8/26/2014
dscn0399 Bridge Street from the end of the bridge. I lived about a block down on the right, used to eat at 10 Bridge Street fairly often. Don't know what it's like now, it keeps changing ownership. Well, that was 22 years ago. 8/26/2014
Sunset 8/26/2014. The most interesting thing are the squiggles in the jet trails. Must have been some strange stratified winds there that blew parts of them sideways more than other parts. 8/26/2014 dscn0414
dscn0420 dscn0434 Silk purse out of a sow's ear again. There were thundershowers threatening, which never happened, but there were these dark clouds. I was using spot metering on the sun so it's not overexposed (much) which makes everything else dark. This was about mid-day. 8/27/2014
Sunset 8/27/2014. The third one had help from the curves tool. dscn0440 dscn0454 dscn0470
dscn0513 Candels? Idears? If you're going to misspell something on a sign you should expect to be made fun of. It's a little sad though in a way. 8/28/2014
Vanilla sunset. The sky to the west was socked in with heavy clouds, this was northwest. 8/28/2014 dscn0539
dscn0540 dscn0543 dscn0550 I managed to catch an almost perfet color gradient in the center part of this. I always think about how they happen, the sun must have been far enough west that the light was coming under the cloud and lighting up the front side from below. 8/29/2014
After the show to the west was over I found this in the southwest. Crescent moon in there. 8/29/2014 dscn0575
dscn0609 When I went through here Yankee Doodle Days weekend on my way to Bissel Bridge there was water going over the spillway, not today. Between road signs, construction paraphernalia, brush and a no trespassing sign on the dam there's only about 1 shot worth taking. I still got 2 background houses. This is the dam and pond at The Dell in Heath. It's downstream maybe 1/2 mile from the land I own, same brook. That's Route 8A behind it so there was plenty of traffic on a Saturday. I've been on a reflections kick since I was at the Bridge of Flowers, maybe next week I'll get back there. 8/30/2014
I've been using my favorite astronomy program to predict sunset times and it predicts when it's set, which is too late for photography. It wasn't this dark, the light meter was looking at the sun. This wasn't very wide (north-south) or I would have included that. 8/30/2014 dscn0007 dscn0012

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