Walking Pictures - 5/1/2014 - 5/31/2014

A continuation of my Walking Pictures page just because the original was getting too big. I fairly often take 100 pictures a day or so and only a small fraction of those make it even this far. I got my current camera 10/23/2013 and by 5/1/2014 I'd taken 3600 pictures with it.

Prints of these are available, made on a color laser printer from the full resolution images. alan01346@gmail.com I hope to sell them in local stores, don't have any shopping cart set up for buying online. Paypal accepted by prearrangement.

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dscn3571.jpg I don't know what these are called but a few days ago they were just strange looking bumps that hadn't opened yet. Then it was pouring out for a couple days, finally I got back out there. 5/1/2014
Don't miss the fauna. It's about 60 and muggy, so when I brought my camera up from the cold basement the lens fogged up and I had to wait for it. Interesting effect but I didn't include them here. 5/1/2014 dscn3576.jpg
dscn3579.jpg Looking south, from down over the hill east of where I live. Makes me think of the wallpaper file Microsoft calls "pastoral" that shipped with Windows XP. Clouds are a cheap trick, they always look good. 5/1/2014
I like how the evergreens stand out here among what are otherwise dormant hardwoods. 5/1/2014 dscn3593.jpg
dscn3599.jpg It's a whole different world over on top of Burnt Hill where they raise blueberries. 5/1/2014
The house I lived in until I was 5 or 6. I don't usually go past about here because I don't like to be in peoples' dooryards taking pictures. It's a long enough climb home from here anyway. An early ibuprofen night, the backs of my thighs were really sore. I need to walk up and down hills more often. 5/1/2014 dscn3606.jpg
dscn3623.jpg These are front yard flowers, honest, they just happen to be the same colors as the ones in the back yard. I think in a couple more days the sun might come out, these were done with the flash on because it was dark and raining on and off. 5/4/2014
If there's any doubt you can tell by the lovely peeling paint. Masonite siding with latex paint. The peeling places are where I scraped down then put on 2 coats of primer and 2 finish coats, they looked better before I did anything. Within a year they peeled completely. Oil based paint seems to work better but that's outlawed in Massachusetts. 5/4/2014 dscn3632.jpg
dscn3648.jpg Americana, at least where I grew up. Tractor driving down a dirt road with a kid hanging off the back, mailboxes, crossroads. I didn't decide to take this until they were almost out of sight so they're kind of blurry and out of focus, no planning involved. Strangers, I don't know anyone around here anymore. 5/5/2014
These guys usually watch me from a distance. Even if I brought them some treat they don't get close enough for me to feed it to them. Guess they feel safe inside their fence from that bearded long haired country boy walking by. Wish there was a Photoshop trick for taking out fence wire, here it's obnoxious. 5/5/2014 dscn3651.jpg
dscn3664.jpg The road home from my ½ mile turning around point. Back down this then left for another ¼ mile and I've done my mile for the day. 5/5/2014
The road beyond. There's not a lot to see out there, just more woods and the stone wall. When I was about 20 I used to drive my unregistered bug up here then go down a side road on the left to sit and smoke a joint in peace. 40 years ago. 5/5/2014 dscn3666.jpg
dscn3673.jpg Don't know what these are, almost missed them. Cindy or someone else must have planted them, they're right at the end of the driveway. I doubt they're wild. Not dandelions, smaller, might be related. So ½ mile out I'm wobbling around trying to take closeups, this is one of about 6 tries. Didn't have my reading glasses either, so no manual focus. 5/5/2014
Not sure what this was really. I thought it was just a bucket but it's got 2 attachment points through the bottom on either side of the hole. This is on land my family used to own so it should be more familiar. 5/6/2014 dscn3694.jpg
dscn3705.jpg Same place, different flowers, cloudy day so the colors are worse. I worked out this method where I put on my reading glasses, put the tip of my stick about a foot from the flower and hold the other end under my arm. Then I steady the hand that's holding the camera against the stick. By the time I've walked over here I'm tired enough so it would be really hard getting up off the ground if I laid down to get a real closeup. That'll improve. 5/6/2014
I'm beginning to suspect this little tractor doesn't run. It's been sitting here for months, just outside the shed where there's an empty spot for it. The M's back inside. 5/6/2014 dscn3710.jpg
dscn3713.jpg Ferns, I finally spotted some. I'll try to get a closeup next time, this was on the way home so my legs were barely working. Tomorrow looks dry, then more rain. 5/6/2014
Looks like somebody's getting rain now, I made it home dry. I'd rather walk in a snowstorm than in rain. 5/6/2014 dscn3716.jpg
dscn3719a.jpg Ferns again. This was a case of looking closer and seeing something I never expected. Grapes! Not really, but little green beads which will grow into leaves. 5/7/2014
Same thing, less zoomed in. OK, they're maybe not beautiful but they're interesting. 5/7/2014 dscn3719b.jpg
dscn3726.jpg This is sort of a more classic fern picture but now that you know what's in there you can see that there are hundreds of the little green beads. 5/7/2014
Not sure what this is: a violet? I didn't expect them this early in the season. Some laurel leaves too. 5/7/2014 dscn3727.jpg
dscn3731.jpg Got closer today, maybe I have to go every day. I probably could have petted one but he grazed the gate on the far side while I was fiddling with my camera then never came back. I've been walking a mile a day for 3 days in a row, if it rains tomorrow I'll be glad of a day off. No, I'm not up to trying 2 miles yet. 5/7/2014
End of the shed scene again. Leaning against a telephone pole for steadiness. It's not as tranquil as it looks here, there's clutter on both sides I'm leaving out. Not sure if I like the tractor tire in there or not but seeing daylight between the boards is nice. This one isn't cropped at all, I have exactly the same thing in a 4896 x 3672 size, 7 megabytes. 5/7/2014 dscn3742.jpg
dscn3786.jpg The house I live in was built by/for Olin Whipple whose last career was blasting, as in with dynamite, nitro, black powder. He was pretty good at it and did work for several towns around and probably the state. These are some concrete bunkers he had built in the late 1960s to hold his supplies. 5/11/2014
These sit at the far side of the field near where he lived, about ½ mile away. The wall to the right is on the side facing the road. I didn't go in either one, maybe next time. These were to mostly contain the blast if his supplies ever blew up. Now they remind me of abandoned World War II fortifications years after his death. Both have solid-looking inner steel doors, I imagine they're probably empty by now. 5/11/2014 dscn3794.jpg
dscn3807.jpg The house where I live, at the top of the hill, I have pictures of the back side of the nearer one (the back is red). I was intending to walk farther down the road today until I spotted the bunkers. I'm walking about as far as I'm able to at this point without running serious risk of falling down again, doing about 1 mile, my legs feel like rubber. From here you can see that the hill east (right) of the house is steeper than the other way. 5/11/2014
I don't come down this way often because frankly it's ugly. There's a little mini-dump here, this is an old insulage chopper/blower (maybe). At the bottom of where the green part connects to the yellow part is a blade almost like on a rotary lawnmower which turns fairly fast and blows stuff up and out the chute. This looks like it's for blowing into a trailer rather than up a pipe to the top of a silo, but maybe it just needs more sections of pipe bolted in. Very noisy when running, these used to fascinate me since I was too little to have to do any of the actual work. I'd be up at the top of the silo walking in circles on the insulage to pack it down. 5/11/2014 dscn3812.jpg
dscn3814.jpg Two old axles with spoked wheels. Many times I've wished I had one of these, mostly for building a log hauler. The nearest one supplied power to something, maybe a manure spreader or rake, from being towed. It's possibly old enough to have been pulled by horses originally. 5/11/2014
An old picnic table in the barn yard, maybe for taking lunch breaks. You'd have to sit carefully at the moment. 5/11/2014 dscn3818.jpg
dscn3820.jpg Like I said, this farm is ugly. This looks like a chicken house or a garage, or maybe it was converted from one to the other. There's new and old equipment scattered everywhere outdoors, half a dozen tractors, lots of old broken junk. But it's out of sight except to people going up and down this dirt road. 5/11/2014
Looking inside the barn. This was the first 70 degree day of the year, bright and sunny, I was walking in a tee shirt. So why are these guys indoors eating hay instead of outdoors eating fresh grass? For one thing they're all young, maybe small enough to get under fences. I'm not sure if they're free to go in and out or not. 5/11/2014 dscn3823.jpg
dscn3825.jpg This is Stanley, by his tag, who's learning a valuable lesson in not getting his chain tangled up. Seems to be about 5 months old by the date on the tag. I'm not sure why he has such a tag instead of a number, if he's a pet or breeding stock. I left him to contemplate his situation since I couldn't really climb in there to help him. 5/11/2014
This guy doesn't have a tag. However ornery they may be, there's a certain innocence about all of these. This is one of about 4 who were outdoors instead of in the barn. 5/11/2014 dscn3830.jpg
dscn3838.jpg Some part of a tree, the one at the corner of two roads that doesn't look like it could possibly be alive because it's all split and looks like it got hit by lightning. See here 5/11/2014
Everybody's got a jungle of these, right? Some of them we have to prune back when they get in the way. 5/12/2014 dscn3845.jpg
dscn3851.jpg The neighbor's trying to get a whole summer's worth of hay in one cartful. Dual rear axles this time. This could make a good float in the fair. This was just built this past weekend, still smells nice. 5/12/2014
Still tying to find the perfect angle for taking this picture from, then I'll promote it into my gallery of pictures to try to sell. I walked down there this time instead of zooming, gives a different perspective. 5/12/2014 dscn3861.jpg
dscn3872.jpg I guess this tractor hasn't been moved all winter judging by the front tire. If I didn't already have one that's not running I'd ask how much he wants for it. I don't like the narrow front ends anyway, they tip over too easily. 5/12/2014
Violets in a natural arrangement. In all my taking pictures of flowers this spring I haven't picked a single one. 5/12/2014 dscn3874.jpg
dscn3881.jpg Beyond the road beyond. This road keeps going for about 2 miles and eventually comes out on Dell Road. This is still in many databases and GPSes as Royer Road, some people get stuck trying to drive over it. I was looking for the left turn I used to take but my legs were too tired to keep going since I had to walk ½ mile home. I'm starting to feel ike I could keep going as long as I can take rests, but I do that a lot already. 5/12/2014
The driveway to what was Mike & Cindy's place with spring foliage just starting.

Focus on infinity again instead of autofocus, makes bigger files because there's more detail. I've worked with photos from old box cameras with a lot of detail, I think now that's because those were permanently focused on infinity. Having bigger format film helps too. Instamatics, especially the little ones, were terrible: about the same film area as 16 mm movie film. 5/12/2014
dscn3895.jpg A lucky shot of a sparrow standing on a dirt road. Maximum zoom, as steady as I could hold the camera. It flew off before I got another chance. 5/12/2014
Some kind of tree in blossom, I haven't seen apple blossoms yet, or even buds. 5/12/2014 dscn3900.jpg
dscn3922.jpg It was a cloudy day with showers predicted for the next 5 days but I hadn't seen this color combination in these before so I wanted to get it before they were gone by. 5/13/2014
A little lighter with dark edges. Even with flash and tweaking the images it isn't as good as a sunny day. 5/13/2014 dscn3925.jpg
dscn3934.jpg And while I was out there I heard the beginning of hummingbird season. These aren't very good, just handheld from about 10 feet away, but they're usually around until Labor Day so I'll do this again. 5/13/2014
I heard him once so I stood there a couple minutes and he came back. 5/13/2014 dscn3935.jpg
dscn3936.jpg Almost doesn't look real, looks like a fishing lure or something. So hummingbirds have clear eyes and chickadees have black eyes, I guess. Hard to imagine something like a bigmouth bass or a pike not grabbing one if they got the chance. 5/13/2014
Seems to be scrutinizing the feeder. These guys are pretty fearless: if the level of sugar water gets low they'll come find you and buzz your head to let you know about it. They seem to have a sense of humor too, from experience. 5/13/2014 dscn3937.jpg
dscn3938.jpg So next sunny day I'll set up the tripod and the radio shutter release and wait for these guys and the bluebirds. This isn't quite the same as the last picture but I probably should have left it out. I used all I had. 5/13/2014
I just know these as "blue-its", I've liked them since I was little. They're wild, usually at least, and grow in clumps. They're tiny, maybe ½ inch across the face of the blossoms. 5/14/2014 dscn3941.jpg
dscn3955.jpg I never mow this part of the lawn until the blossoms are gone. There should be a few patches of daisys coming along that I also mow around. 5/14/2014
Got these when the sun was out this time. This color combination is more interesting than some. 5/14/2014 dscn3966.jpg
dscn3968.jpg Coming in for a landing. That beak looks like the tip of a dart or a hypodermic needle here, I wonder if it doubles as a weapon for self-defense. 5/14/2014
I guess that's a normal feeding postion, that beak is long enough to reach. Just about noon, the sun was overhead which left the near side of the face in shadow. 5/14/2014 dscn3969.jpg
dscn3979.jpg Taking a break. Before they eat they usually do this great swooping U-shaped dance in the air over the food to let other hummingbirds know where it is. I had to get out of the way, this dance was about 20 feet wide. 5/14/2014
There's a pair of them, I saw them both together today for the first time this year. This is the female I think, less gaudy than the male, or else it's a different species entirely. This is about 6 PM, the flash is lighting up the eye. 5/14/2014 dscn3991.jpg
dscn4572.jpg Nothing special, just a spring day. Showers possible so it's cloudy and I didn't walk far. 5/19/2014
A brook in the woods west of the house. I don't walk here often because there are a lot of hills. 5/20/2014 dscn4590.jpg
dscn4621.jpg Apple trees in blossom from a distance. This is a nice little area when you can isolate it from what's around it. 5/20/2014
No, I can't possibly mow the lawn right now, perish the thought. 5/20/2014 dscn4630.jpg
dscn4643.jpg Nothing special, just valley fog and the Charlemont windmill. It'd been raining for about 3 days and a little sun came out about 6 PM so I went out to shoot lilacs and apple blossoms. The clouds didn't cooperate though, we were under a cloud but the valley wasn't. 5/24/2014
Went back out at 7 PM and everything looked different. Most of these are still just buds. I wasn't going to walk in wet grass for apple blossoms. 5/24/2014 dscn4651.jpg
dscn4681.jpg Spring colors on the hills with long shadows. 5/24/2014

A formal panorama taken from the bottom of the driveway where I live. Put the camera on a tripod, point it east, take a picture, then turn it, take another, getting a little overlap, keep going. No special software. For some reason when you do this along something straight like this stone wall, the wall always looks like it has a right angle bend at the camera in your pictures.

east south east south west west

dscn411.jpg A swallow, I think, has taken over a bluebird house. They do that, but there are about 5 houses and I can only hope bluebirds will be back in this one next year since it's most visible from the house. 5/25/2014
It was raining somewhere west of Springfield, we got a few sprinkles while it was sunny. No thunder. I had to lean against a car to not fall over backwards trying to take this.

Notice the cyan-magenta-yellow (CMY) flares near the top, (look like pastel jellybeans) not RGB. There's no film or dyes involved, the camera must work in CMY colorspace. I keep my lens really clean for such pictures where the sun hits the lens. 5/25/2014

I can't get Paul Simon's Kodachrome out of my head so I looked up the lyrics to get them right. I remember when it came out, had several Simon & Garfunkel albums/tapes. (8 track!) I wonder if Nikon paid Paul Simon anything for that? They could certainly afford to. But I'm on my 4th one and I wouldn't buy anything else now.

When I think back
On all the crap I learned in high school
It's a wonder
I can think at all
And though my lack of education
Hasn't hurt me none
I can read the writing on the wall
They give us those nice bright colors
They give us the greens of summers
Makes you think all the world's a sunny day
I got a Nikon camera
I love to take a photograph
So mama don't take my Kodachrome away
If you took all the girls I knew
When I was single
And brought them all together for one night
I know they'd never match
my sweet imagination
Everything looks worse in black and white
Kodachrome, etc.

dscn416.jpg Wild strawberries growing in the lawn. 5/25/2014
Apple blossoms. 5/25/2014 dscn4732.jpg
dscn4739.jpg Purple daisies. No critter but a spider web. 5/25/2014
Blossoms on a choke cherry tree. Don't think every picture I take comes out, I toss about 10 for every one I use. I'm coming up on my 5000th picture with this camera after 7 months. I haven't actually sold any of them but I haven't tried very hard either. Just keep taking them and staring at them, once in a while one makes you go "wow". That cloud picture's got me at the moment. 5/25/2014 dscn4749.jpg
dscn4755.jpg Blue-its again. These are about 6 inches tall. Mostly I've seen little clumps but this patch is about 6 feet across. They aren't totally white, there's a little bluish tint, except for one clump which is completely white. 5/25/2014
Common dandelion, with an ant. The only flower I've picked this year. I threw it away and let the ant go. 5/25/2014 dscn4763.jpg
dscn477.jpg Kayem beef, natural casings. I love it when they burst. I miss Whorles but I don't know where to find them anymore. I get bored with either one, want to switch to the other. Back to kielbasa. 5/25/2014
Cloudy day, different kind of apple tree. The colors here make me think of the colors in an apple core. 5/26/2014 dscn4785.jpg
dscn4795.jpg Trying to frame the horses with apple tree branches. 5/26/2014
This is the tree I walked over here to see. None of my closeups came out. Beside being cloudy it was windy enough that I couldn't even hold a branch still, and it was looking and feeling like rain any minute. I didn't even have a plastic bag to keep the camera dry. 5/26/2014 dscn4813.jpg
dscn4825.jpg On the way back I spotted this one on the other side of the road, looks like the same kind but I went right past it before. If the sun were out this would really be something. Maybe about Thursday, it's Monday now. 5/26/2014
By the time I got near home the day looked like this. The tree I went to see is the white thing at the far side of the field in the middle, about ½ mile around by the road. I needed the exercise, that's the main reason I came out today. 5/26/2014 dscn4828.jpg
dscn4830.jpg My tractor, with my stash of bigger satellite dishes and some lilacs. 1956 Ferguson TEA, made in England, haven't had it running in a few years. 5/26/2014
Went to the mailbox and found this on the way. I don't need to know what it is but it looks a little like Swamp Pink. No swamps within about ½ mile. Supposedly Swamp Pinks have a distictive smell these don't have. 5/27/2014 dscn4846.jpg
dscn4852.jpg I pestered this guy with the flash until he flew away. I'd like to think I'm doing something more significant with my life than chasing butterflies, but not lately. He's not alone, look near the bottom left of the flower, a miniature bee. Mourning Cloak 5/27/2014
Don't know what this is other than bad autofocus but I was surprised to see the dandelion/milkweed/cotton type fluff when I looked closely. This is some tree. 5/27/2014 dscn4871.jpg
dscn4880.jpg I really think I annoy these horses but I happened to catch the tail up in the air. 5/27/2014
Not the same picture, honest, look at the front foot. 5/27/2014 dscn4882.jpg
dscn4900.jpg Swamp Pink-ish again. It's just such an outrageous color I had to take another one. I caught a little patch of sunlight on them this time. I used the eyedropper tool and took a sample of the color but I got just a boring pink. It's the glisten effect that makes it what it is. I guess I'm building my portfolio, maybe I should sell calendars. 5/27/2014
A plethora of mini/micro/proprietary USB plugs. The top one (micro) fits a Kindle Fire and a Raspberry Pi, the lower left (mini) fits my MP3 player, The lower right is Nikon proprietary and only fits 1 of my cameras. Most of these I have 2 of, one upstairs and one downstairs. I need USB hubs just to keep the cables plugged in. And just how durable are these tiny wonders? I haven't started finding that out yet. Crappy rainy overcast day, took the camera to Shelburne Falls because I had to get a prescription filled, never took it out of the car. I had Bridge of Flowers pictures in mind, or Potholes, or the river but there was a constant mist falling. First time in 2 weeks I've had an excuse to go anywhere. 5/28/2014 dscn4905.jpg
dscn4924.jpg The barnyard next door. I used to live here in the 1970s but it didn't look quite like this. No fence, hay wagon, horses, harrow. Probably the same apple trees. 5/29/2014
These petals looked a lot better on the tree 3 days ago. I hurried back here on the first sunny day but by then they'd fallen or the rain washed them off. Next predicted sunny day is 3 days away. 5/29/2014 dscn4934.jpg
dscn4947.jpg Riddle place with dandelions. Cropped a little tight because I climbed up over the bank to take this then for some reason had the camera tilted 7° and had to rotate the image back horizontal again. I was thinking what waiting for an ambulance would be like if I fell down the bank. 5/29/2014
See, there really are bluebirds (look in the upper left). This house had twigs in it in the spring, so probably swallows last year. The swallows and bluebirds switched between this house and the one to the south of the house. There are goldfinches too, no cardinals. 5/29/2014 dscn4967.jpg
dscn4949.jpg Wider shot. It's a big field (for around here anyway). 5/29/2014
It stopped raining for a few minutes but this doesn't look as interesting as I saw before I went to get the camera. Then I got a whole 4 pictures taken and it started raining again. 2 more days until the next predicted sunny day. The darkness of the nearby trees is because there's a cloud over them but not over where the fog is rising. Beyond the nearest valley is under clouds again. This happens all summer long after thundershowers. Looking generally toward Sugarloaf, I'm not sure what mountaintop is what. 5/30/2014 dscn4968.jpg
dscn4994.jpg Daisies with lawnmower chaff 5/31/2014
I happened to be standing on this part of the lawn so I used the trees for framing. I just hit 5000 pictures on this camera in 7 months. And I took 3 months off. 5/31/2014 dscn5003.jpg
dscn5018.jpg Pollination in action, or sugar coating the scary end of a bumblebee. 5/31/2014

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