Walking Pictures - 12/25/2013 - 2/6/2014

A continuation of my Walking Pictures page just because the original was getting too big. I fairly often take 100 pictures a day or so and only a small fraction of those make it even this far. I got my current camera 10/23/2013 and by 12/28/2013 I'd taken 1777 pictures with it.

Prints of these are available, made on a color laser printer from the full resolution images. alan01346@gmail.com I hope to sell them in local stores, don't have any shopping cart set up for buying online. Paypal accepted by prearrangement.

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dscn1612.jpg OK, obviously these have nothing to do with walking. A couple pictures of 2 of my sister's cats. Because of my living situation I haven't been able to have a cat in about 10 years and I really miss them.

This one's very timid and scared of everything. She was scared of this piece of paper until I tore a piece off and balled it up for her to chase then she got the idea. 12/25/2013
There are 2 black males I haven't learned to tell apart yet. They aren't afraid of much except things like the new blender in the house. 12/25/2013 dscn1628h.jpg
dscn1662.jpg Looking down Schoolhouse Road from within 100 feet of where I live now to way down at the bottom is the blue house I lived in when I was about 5. Taking pictures this day during a minor snow storm as an experiment. Not enough snow to need boots, I did this in sneakers. 12/26/2013
The Riddle place across the field and through the snow. 12/26/2013 dscn1665h.jpg
dscn1668.jpg West of where I live looking south. That's Bassett Road along the right edge. 12/26/2013
An apple tree in the foreground with the Riddle place and woodpile behind. 12/26/2013 dscn1670h.jpg
dscn1673.jpg The crossroads where Schoolhouse Road, South Road and Bassett Road meet. Barely visible in the distance is the old Will Rainville place. 12/26/2013
Looking down Bassett Road. 12/26/2013 dscn1679.jpg
dscn1717.jpg Inside the local hollow tree. The bottom of this opening is about 7 feet above ground and goes up at least 6 feet. I just stuck my camera up in there and let autofocus try to do its thing. Maybe next time I'll lug a stepladder over there. I didn't expect to find the inside this attractive but I really like the exposed wood grain. 12/28/2013
There's an earlier picture of this without snow. I used to live here when I was about 5. 12/28/2013 dscn1743.jpg
dscn1750.jpg Rusty barn roof, with wood shingles underneath. 12/28/2013
The main barn across the road from the house. This is in some of my grandmother's pictures from the 1940s. 12/28/2013 dscn1752.jpg
topo A tiny piece of the Heath topo map showing the roads I walk on. Today (12/28) I was at the corner of South & Burrington toward the lower right of this map where the 445 (elevation in meters) is. The house shows as a black dot, the barns are empty squares. That's a big hill, like 140 feet climb (in elevation) to get home but I'm gradually working up to it.
Barn at the Riddle place from the edge of the field where South Road takes a corner and goes down to Chief's house. 12/30/2013 dscn1793.jpg
dscn1818.jpg Catching the house and barn between trees. The wind was from the north so turning down this road got me out of the wind. 12/30/2013
Only you can prevent forest fires... Actually the landowner likes to burn brush and a few times it's gotten a little out of hand so he had to call the fire department. If this tree hadn't been dead anyway it wouldn't have caught so easily. 12/30/2013 dscn1826.jpg
dscn1833.jpg Riddles from out beyond the mailbox collection by the corner. Woodpile near the trees. 12/30/2013
This was done with a free ray tracing program called Povray I used to use a lot in the 1990s. The source code is here, about 78 lines.

Originally done just before Christmas, it intends to look like 2000 Christmas ornaments floating in space. I make an array of colors so colors of the balls are consistent, then 2000 times I go through a loop and make a sphere at random xyz coordinates, picking one of the predefined colors. The spheres are all the same size, the distance from the camera varies. Change the seed to the random number generator and you'll get a totally different set of balls. Added here 12/31/2013
Povray: lights2
dscn1844.jpg Barn next door with a little snow. 1/1/2014
Equipment shed with snow. The big Farmall's up by the house. 1/1/2014 dscn1848.jpg
dscn1855.jpg Deer tracks in the snow on Royer Road. 1/1/2014
Mike & Cindy's driveway with the foliage really gone. 1/1/2014 dscn1859.jpg
dscn1861.jpg Looking out Royer Road. My walking stick slipped on the ice about here and I was leaning on it too hard, almost went down. 1/1/2014
An old saw rig for cutting up firewood. 1/1/2014 dscn1868.jpg
dscn1874.jpg Horses next door. They usually won't have much to do with me, this is as close as they got today. 1/1/2014
Back yard, mountains, clouds, Gleason's 1/1/2014 dscn1886.jpg
trees 0 offset trees 0 offset white Povray Christmas trees, color and white 1/3/2014
Because it's a raytracer I can move the camera and look between the rows. The C source that makes the Povray file. Set all_white to 0 for color, 1 for white. 1/3/2014 trees offset 5
756 trees 756 Christmas trees, about all I can do at once without running out of RAM. These are randomly half white and half colors. 1/4/2014
Downtown Charlemont center for anybody that misses it. I never lived in this part of town but I used to shovel some of these walks as part of my first job. 1/4/2014 dscn1899.jpg
dscn1904.jpg The best store this side of Foster-Farrar in Northampton. It fascinated me when I was 10 years old and still does at 59. Established 1861, now on its 3rd generation of family ownership. They have just about everything you can think of, at fair prices. If it's not in the store itself try the back rooms or the barns across the street. 1/4/2014
An old barn in East Charlemont. This time I actually stopped, got out, took several pictures. I haven't learned to watch out for distracting things like the branch at the left but there were several trees in the way. 1/4/2014 dscn1917.jpg
dscn1919 Beside the road: cross country ski tracks and deer tracks. Too many people out there today, I don't usually go out on weekends for that reason. I moved here to get away from crowds but they feel they've got a right to park and walk wherever they want. 1/5/2014
Just a view looking south. This snow isn't many days old, some deer and dog tracks out there. 1/5/2014 dscn1920.jpg
dscn1925.jpg Yup, the house next door again, big adventure. Notice the tractor used for moving snow. 1/5/2014
The deer have been having a party under the apple trees digging up apples. This is about 20 feet from where I sleep. 1/5/2014 dscn1928.jpg
tree Another Povray Christmas tree. The only light comes from strings of (virtual) Christmas tree bulbs inside the layer of ornaments. If you look closely you'll notice the individual balls are lit from strange directions, some even backlit. Unfortunately the mix of all those colors inside ends up being white light. The bulbs are about 1/3 the size of the ornaments. Yeah, I need to get a life. I'm trying. C source 1/6/2014
Frost crystals on a south facing window. It was about 3 degrees outside, not much warmer where I was. 1/7/2014 dscn1956.jpg
dscn1996 Today curiosity got me down to the barns, etc. I can see down the field from where I live. I can't really call it a farm because the owner lives somewhere else, he just has 2 barns, a sugarhouse, some cows and a bunch of junk here. These are organic beef, this isn't a dairy farm. 1/8/2014
3 friends probably, the one on the far side chewing a cud. As far as I know they're outdoors by choice, they have a heavy winter coat. I grew up on dairy farms where the cows were in a barn all winter and they were delighted to get out in the spring. Always a bunch of running and kicking up heels, it was quite a sight. 1/8/2014 dscn2001.jpg
dscn2016 2 barns and a sugarhouse. Actual working barns, not antiques used for storing stuff or empty. Not very picturesque overall, there's an incredible amount of junk but it mostly sits off in the woods where nobody sees it. 1/8/2014
Looking up the road past the barns. This is a dirt road which was quite icy but well sanded on top. 1/8/2014 dscn2038.jpg
dscn2041 Beyond the barns. Somewhere down there is a millionaire with a big windmill but my hands were getting cold so I didn't go any farther than the barns. 1/8/2014
An old wasp or yellow jacket nest, bigger than your head. I'd guess this wasn't used this past summer but the one before because there's quite a lot of damage. 1/8/2014 dscn2053.jpg
dscn2077 Plenty of photons out there, not many degrees, about 15° F. This is a shot from the driveway where I live, the barns I was at are across the road from the house you can see. Clean lens for once. 1/8/2014
Horse in light snow. 1/10/2014 dscn2085.jpg
dscn2093 Entrance to Royer Road. Plowed, not traveled. 1/10/2014
Driveway to Mike & Cindy's, no tracks out there. 1/10/2014 dscn2105.jpg
dscn2107 Plow turnaround and looking out Royer Road from the end of the driveway. 1/10/2014
This was a branch once. 1/10/2014 dscn2116.jpg
dscn2118 Dancing tree. 1/10/2014
OK, so these aren't mares. 1/10/2014 dscn2121.jpg
dscn2129 I wish we'd get a real winter with at least a foot of snow that would stay around a while. We get a foot then 2 or 3 days of rain and 50 degrees so it's all gone again. More rain predicted tomorrow. Global warming, bad for the ski and tourism industries, and just about everything else. 1/10/2014
Alright, I'd been describing the opening in this hollow tree, here it is with something for scale. I lugged this small stepladder over there so I could reach inside the opening better. The stepladder is 2 feet tall, knee height. This hole is big enough to climb into standing up. 1/15/2014 dscn2148.jpg
dscn2154 This is inside the hollow looking down. I'd already done a picture looking up. (See 12/28/2013) There's an odd twist to this opening, it might be an old lightning strike that the tree survived. 1/15/2014
Looking at the far side of the opening and a hole in the far side where a branch used to be. There's already a big dead branch on the ground that fell in the last couple of weeks, I'm not sure this will be standing by next winter. I'd have to look for leaves in the summer to know if it's still alive. 1/15/2014 dscn2155.jpg
dscn2173 Another dead decaying tree laying on the ground. There are spots on the exposed wood and lichens on the bark. Some forms of decay I find attractive in their colors, these are middle of the road. 1/15/2014
A bunch of dead limbs and a stone wall. 1/15/2014 dscn2186.jpg
dscn2199 A bunch of trees in a little clump on top of the hill near where I live. Field beyond, woods and mountains beyond that. This is inside a pasture so when the cattle are here, they knock things down and trample on them. 1/15/2014
There's this old farm on a road between Charlemont and Heath. The barns are in fairly good condition, the house has been bulldozed instead. I didn't step off the road, but nobody lives here to complain about me taking pictures. 1/17/2014 dscn2210.jpg
dscn2221 This was a dairy farm I assume from this big barn with room to milk lots of cows. These barns seem to have slate roofs which is a considerable expense but probably why they're still standing. I've always thought they were a wiser choice than the usual 30 year shingles. These ridge lines look fairly straight, no rotted ridge poles here. 1/17/2014
There's another building in back but since it's posted I didn't set foot off the road. Surge is a brand of milking machines, these signs used to be all over. 1/17/2014 dscn2223.jpg
dscn2231 I like this expanse of red wall. Notice the tiny door at the lower right, that's probably where the milk truck would put its hose in to get a batch of milk. It's not a cat door. 1/17/2014
No idea what this added-on part was for, but you can look in the front door and out through the cracks in the back wall. The stone foundation seems to continue under this so there was probably some building here before this one. 1/17/2014 dscn2233.jpg
dscn2241 Wood shingles on the end, a silo with no roof, all this could be fixed up. If they let it sit a few more years it will be a lot harder. 1/17/2014
Mud season in January, the stretch of road just beyond this has sizable ruts. 1/17/2014 dscn2250.jpg
dscn2258 Another hollow tree in the dooryard of the old Rainville place. 1/17/2014
The old Rainville place. I've taken pictures of this from my side of the valley, this is from the road in front.There's a bit of a haunted house look about this, I see people working on it once in a while. 1/17/2014 dscn2268.jpg
dscn2271 Looking across the valley at the house where I live. I like the effect of having the foreground trees in focus as well as the distant part. That's Bassett Road beyond that line of trees in the middle of the picture. 1/17/2014
And to think I used to call this place home. Notice the tractor parked at the top of the driveway ready to plow. We're expecting 6-10 inches tomorrow. 2/4/2014 dscn2313.jpg
dscn2321 The model B, if that's what it is, still sitting about where it was 6 months ago. One front tire doesn't look too healthy. 2/4/2014
Looking out Royer Road. I measured the other day with the odometer and this is a 1/2 mile walk from where I live, and it takes me about 1/2 hour to walk here, so getting here means I've done what walking I should do in a day. 1 mile per hour, never thought I'd get that slow. 2/4/2014 dscn2334.jpg
dscn2348 The horses, well, they do what they do. Once in a while they cooperate and I can get a picture. Sometimes they're in the barn, sometimes out in the woods. 2/4/2014
Everything's getting old. This is Schoolhouse Road and this says something about the South Schoolhouse being built 1770, I hadn't paid attention to the fact that it's too overgrown to read anymore. 2/4/2014 dscn2355.jpg
dscn2359 I guess I believe robins more than groundhogs, but this guy isn't finding many worms yet. 2/4/2014
Here's to the inglorious,
the ones clearing the world two feet at a time.
No monster tires or trucks,
no women with champagne at the finish line.
Just one lone guy trudging along,
rarely paid or thanked.
For the privilege of being able to go to work tomorrow.

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