UMass About 2007

I worked at UMass Amherst from 2000 - 2009. These are a few old pictures from about 2007 I pulled off my laptop. This page is a mirror of my old Facebook "UMass About 2007" album which I removed.

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dscn0343_960h.jpg The library in the distance at the right. These outdoor pictures were taken from inside the restaraunt at the top of the Campus Center (through the windows). The old chapel is about in the center, Whitmore (where I worked) is left of center in the distance, that ugly 3-story gray thing.
Zoomed in more on the old chapel. dscn0344_960h.jpg
dscn0353_960h.jpg At Cece's retirement party. Last names have been omitted here for security reasons. Deb, Sharmila behind her, Cindy. In the background Bo talking to Cece who has her back to the camera.
Sandy and Cece dscn0390_960h.jpg
dscn0404_960h.jpg Elizabeth talking to someone
It was raining that day, or about to. This was in the summer: notice there are few people around. dscn0412_960h.jpg
dscn0413_960h.jpg I forget the names of buildings I never went into, I've never been in any of these.
The sun seems to have come out a bit, otherwise about the same as 2 pictures back. dscn0415_960h.jpg
dscn0573_960h.jpg At a going away party in Whitmore for Des, my boss, in the chicken hat. She keeps going away and coming back, right now (2013) she's in Admissions. Brenda in the foreground.
Just more atmosphere of the day. Linda, Brenda, Deb in the foreground. We were open for business. dscn0575_960h.jpg
dscn0609_960h.jpg In the summers we'd rent a shelter at Look Park and have a retreat for a day. This is Brenda, Judy, Terry, Cindy, Deb at the near table.
The shelter from the edge of the road where we'd park. dscn0654_960h.jpg

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