The Riddle Place

This is a house my ex-wife and I used to rent in the 1970s which is also the house next door to where I live now. I'll add more pictures, I'm not digging up all the ones I had on Facebook right now. I had to make a conscious effort not to take pictures of it because I had plenty but it's the first thing I walk by most of the times I go out to walk. So I'll replace the ones I had on Facebook or dig them up.

It's a house with many memories. Since we were college aged at the time we had several friends live with us there in spare rooms for short periods, a couple of whom I'm still Facebook friends with. So Mary, here's my shrine. May the free web space not run out. :) Kurt, if you ever get back east drop by. (Mary too) Glenda, Dori, Linda, I haven't forgotten. Cindy, with a special place in my heart from the years we knew each other before I was married, I especially hope to see you again someday. Jennifer: RIP.

I now realize what the current owner did is to build a 2-story workshop onto the end beside the original "garage" that was part of the woodshed. The original garage door spot is still there, along with another door that we never opened because it had stuff piled against it. That door now opens into the plastic greenhouse. The original garage door didn't bend, or have windows, it was a homemade plywood thing.

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So if anyone knows where the Cindy Rice from Charlemont, MA born about 1958 with brothers Brad and Craig is I'd like to hear from her. There were 2 Cindy Rices in Charlemont, the other one I don't know. I wanted to marry her 40 years ago, still interested. I haven't seen her in about 30 years.

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