Me as a photographer

I'm old, I'll be 60 7/7/2014 and I had my first hand-me-down box camera before I was 10 so I count that as 50 years experience. My father and grandmother also took a lot of pictures and we used to dig out the slide projector every time people had new batches of slides to show.

I was a yearbook photographer in high school and practically lived in the darkroom. In college I was a photographer for the student paper. Then I married an art major who of course took photography and we had a basement darkroom. Time moves on and 20 years later I was divorced and living with a different art major and yes, more photography. Some film cameras, I had a collection of Yashica 35mm and 120, but also some early digital from back in the days where they were a curiosity and film was still better. My first Nikon was a Coolpix 990 which didn't survive being in an overturned canoe but I eventually had 3 of those, still have one. My latest is a Coolpix P520 I bought in October 1013. My background is mostly in electronics and computers.

I'd like to earn some income from what has always been a hobby and I'm not sure of the best way to go about that. I imagine selling stock photos or prints locally. I'm not very good at knowing what's an interesting photo because trying to critique your own stuff is a little like proofreading your own writing. I've mostly always been able to take technically correct photographs but having them be interesting for me involves a lot of luck. You can study art but to be good you have to be born with it, which I wasn't.

Written mostly as an intro for the Nikonians forums.

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