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Index to my collections of pictures. Most of these were removed from Facebook, where due to the page design having more pictures makes the pictures page load slower. It tries to show every picture you've got all at once, even though you've got them tucked away in albums. That cutsie mouseover trick where it shows all the images in an album when you hover your mouse over it requires loading all your images before that works. Dumb. On a modem connection the page can take 20 minutes or more to load. None of that here, I've written this HTML myself and I can control what it does. For albums that have been moved I've kept the original names.

Most pages here have thumbnails linked to bigger pictures which are the same 960 x 720 size used for Facebook.

As of August 2014 the move is still in progress but most stuff is only here. When a friend encouraged me to sell prints late in 2013 I selected a bunch of my (old) best stuff which is what's in Gallery. Since then I've done some studying, shot about 9000 pictures and done a lot of experimenting. For the most part I don't like my old stuff much anymore, or at least I find things wrong with it. I post here, on,, and I'm still trying to wean myself off of Facebook.

Walking Pictures   Pictures taken very locally while walking (daily additions)
WP Best   A few favorites from among Walking Pictures (updated infrequently)
Gallery (old)   Pictures for sale, 2013 and earlier
Infrared   Pictures taken with an infrared filter
Misc1   Miscellaneous images 1
UMass about 2007   I used to work at UMass Amherst, a few pictures from there
Zooming Around   Demo of my zoom lens
Bone Frog 2014   Navy Seals Bone Frog Challenge 2014
Ice   An ice storm 12/12/2008
Burnt Hill   Burnt Hill in Heath, MA 6/7/2014
B_Book   Some very old pictures from a mysterious book owned by my cousin Fred Burrington
Gram Pix   Pictures from my grandmother's collection
Riddles   A house I used to live in, now the house next door
Reunion   Mohawk Trail Regional High School 10+2 Reunion (2014)
Panoramas   My ultra-simple panorama viewer

I also have a (mostly) ham radio and programming page here, a bio at QRZ, and an online resume (PDF). Photo intro

Since I set this up and during the time that 1apps was away I set up an account at where I have a couple hundred pictures:

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