Ice Storm 12/12/2008

This was the worst ice storm I've ever seen, but I suspect with global warming we'll have worse. I still see trees with limbs snapped off from the weight of the ice 5 years later. One unique thing about this one was that it mostly happened during the night and the sun came out almost normally the next morning, making for good pictures. Usually it stays cloudy for a day or so and all the ice melts off before there's decent sun for taking pictures.

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dscn1103.jpg I brought the camera when I went out to see if I was going to be able to go to work that day and this is the first thing I saw.
Down over the top of the hill the road looked like this. Those are just phone wires, the power lines end at our pole. But of course the power and phone were both out so I couldn't even call work. dscn1104.jpg
dscn1112.jpg Lilac bush and apple trees in the front yard.
General trees to the east. dscn1113.jpg
dscn1118.jpg It wasn't completely sunny, here I'm under a cloud but the sun's hitting a patch of ice-covered woods across the valley.
Looking into the apple trees. dscn1124.jpg
dscn1126.jpg Closeup of a branch.
Wider shot of the apple trees. dscn1130.jpg
dscn1132.jpg Small solar panel covered with ice, still producing power.
I had gotten out my chainsaw and made a hole big enough in the mess in the road so a car could get through, the town cleared more when they came along, now there are tracks. dscn1138.jpg
dscn1142.jpg Looking reasonably open. Notice there's no snow, this was all ice since it was early in the winter.
Probably the best picture I got out of the storm. An almost unprecented amount of damage but having the sun out right away made it beautiful dscn1149.jpg

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