Bone Frog Challenge 2014

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This is the 2014 Bone Frog Challenge at Berkshire East in Charlemont May 17, 2014. I stayed just under 3 hours and took 550 pictures, these 117 are the ones I like best. Quite an enjoyable experience, even the music and the portable sound system were good. These are all thumbnails linked to bigger pictures and should wrap to fit the width of your web browser. If you see my alt tags (dscn numbers) try reloading the page because they do all work.

First some general and crowd pictures. The parking lot was pretty full beween runners and spectators. The people participating here actually footed the bill for the whole thing, being a spectator was free. Most looked like they were enjoying themselves, there were hundreds of them.

dscn4014 dscn4016 dscn4017 dscn4018 dscn4023 dscn4053 dscn4086 dscn4087 dscn4107 dscn4187 dscn4206 dscn4230 dscn4484 dscn4528 dscn4536

The object of this was to just to get over it. I think an experienced high jumper who'd practiced on this could possibly take it at a run, but the practicing would probably be painful. That 2nd log is about 4 feet off the ground, the 3rd is maybe 8.

dscn4110 dscn4111 dscn4124 dscn4127 dscn4129 dscn4141 dscn4150 dscn4151 dscn4157 dscn4163 dscn4180 dscn411 dscn4192 dscn4193 dscn4195

A mud bath. The object here was to crawl under the boards (3 of them) in the water. Some people chose not to do this and walked around. I don't think Berkshire East has public showers so if you did this you were wet and muddy for hours. Many people already were wet and muddy before they got this far, muddy faces were the norm. Or maybe the object was to have a wet teeshirt contest.

dscn4115 dscn4118 dscn4144 dscn4207 dscn4208 dscn4209 dscn4212 dscn4307

Rolling logs, an adaptation of an old lumberjack stunt. There were pins keeping the logs from rolling away, they could turn just enough to throw you off. The secret was to do a "duck walk", keep your feet on either side of the center of gravity of the log, and walk fast. People who hesitated often didn't make it.

dscn4216 dscn4219 dscn4220 dscn4221 dscn4222 dscn4223 dscn4224 dscn4225 dscn4226 dscn4316 dscn4318 dscn4329 dscn4405 dscn4449

The rope climb was just before the horizontal ladders.

dscn4042 dscn4072 dscn4073 dscn4076 dscn4083 dscn4101 dscn4234 dscn4235 dscn4249 dscn4250 dscn4296 dscn4322 dscn4331 dscn4332 dscn4388 dscn4391 dscn4436 dscn4452 dscn4464 dscn4489 dscn4507 dscn4520

Horizontal ladders were the last obstacle on the course. The rope climb was on the left side of this.

dscn4044 dscn4046 dscn4049 dscn4054 dscn4064 dscn4094 dscn4240 dscn4248 dscn4256 dscn4269 dscn4278 dscn4283 dscn4328 dscn4343 dscn4359 dscn4377 dscn4396 dscn4412 dscn4420 dscn4425 dscn4444 dscn4498

Under the horizontal ladders was a safety net to catch people who didn't make it across. It got visited a lot. I'd start following someone across the ladders with the camera then try to follow them down to the net if they dropped. Sometimes I got a picture of an empty ladder.

dscn4245 dscn4258 dscn4260 dscn4292 dscn4344 dscn4386 dscn4423 dscn441 dscn4479 dscn4495

I heard a rumor that the entire course took 4 hours to run, so what I'm seeing here is a tiny part of it at the end. Runners would go through the starting gate and jog off out of sight into the woods. Meanwhile more runners kept coming down out of the woods. Since I didn't know anybody I couldn't really tell how long any given individual was out of sight in the woods.

dscn4113 dscn4114 dscn4131 dscn4132 dscn4133 dscn4181 dscn4182 dscn4185 dscn4203

I'd go again, at least once. It would be more meaningful if I actually knew someone who was participating. I'll be 60 before next year's, so I'm not doing it. I went alone, didn't see anybody I knew, didn't talk to anybody, came home alone.

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