Web Work Wanted

I'm looking for website work, but if possible I'd like to specialize in writing programs that write repetitive HTML for displaying hundreds or thousands of images or lines of data. I did the HTML for http://www.radioshackcatalogs.com/html/ with a program I wrote that will regenerate all the HTML in less than a minute given the right input. They're static pages, not requiring PHP or Active Server (?) on the server. Being static they're also at home on CDs or DVDs full of images and can use a web browser as a way to view archived documents. If you view the source of one of the index pages full of thumbnails, you'll find an "ab1jx was here" as an HTML comment near the bottom.

I've also had experience writing programs that turn tab-delimited or Excel files into web pages, and given SQL access they can also pull from databases. It was one of my programs that took the Dean's List from an Excel file and put it on the web every semester at UMass while I was there.

I'm not an artist by any means. I can take technically correct photographs for instance, but I don't have the knack of making them interesting. A college art department I used to frequent once put up a whiteboard with the phrase "Art Is:" at the top, welcoming students to write things below. Someone wrote "Not something you learn in schoool", and that's stuck with me for years. My talent is for programming, not art. Choices of fonts, colors, layouts, I can implement but I'm not very good at making the decisions. I have a sense of what's gaudy and tacky, so you won't find me using flashing animated gif ads or anything like that.

I was at my last job for just over 9 years and I haven't updated my resume since but my bio comes pretty close. I started programming in high school in 1968 and except for a few years without access to a computer in the 70s I've been a compulsive programmer all my life. When I don't have an excuse for writing a program I invent some silly reason. I've programmed in (most recently used first): Javascript, Borland Delphi, Linux/OpenBSD C, VBScript, Java, Perl, Visual Basic. I tutored C, Pascal, Fortran, Visual Basic and GWBASIC in college. PIC and 80x86 assembly language were self-taught. I've been writing HTML since about 1995.

I'm fairly comfortable with graphics programs like Photoshop, The Gimp, Paint Shop Pro and I've done graphics programming both on an individual pixel level and a statistical level, manipulating histogram data.

I also do custom programming that isn't web-related and might be for one-time use like moving data from one system to another. At UMass I was involved in converting student records from an old IBM mainframe system to the PeopleSoft/Oracle system that's currently in use. I also wrote programs to put things like the Dean's List and Final Exam schedules on the web every semester and a lot of programs for automated data entry.

A small Real Estate agency or used car dealership might be a good example of a use for this sort of programming. There could be one or more images and a text description in a database for each property or car and a web site that gets updated from what's in the database. I can provide a program to use for doing the updates and maybe even create an initial database. Having the program do the FTP transfers to the server isn't out of the question.

I did update my resume and I put it online as a PDF here. My previous one was HTML but this was done in Latex under Linux and made into a PDF with pdflatex. It's complete except for my phone number. I had about an 80% chance of going back to work at UMass, but I didn't even send in my application. It's winter out there and I like not having a 1 hour commute each way. There'll be other openings, and I like most of retirement.