The ab1jx Radio Jove page

I don't have much of anything working yet as of 7/13/2012. I've mostly been writing software and doing some antenna modeling, including the Jove dipoles. Also an attempt at a fan dipole which I built. Then a fat dipole.

I've been listening and recording a bunch and settled on 20.363 Mhz as my best, quietest frequency to listen on. Getting the antenna away from the house and random noises will mean about 200 feet of feedline and I needed to resolve whether I was going to build open wire line or buy a roll of RG6. The full-wave loop I'm planning to build has an impedance very close to 75 ohms when fed at a corner so that settles that question.

Because I use OpenBSD not Microsoft Windows I'm writing my own software. The recording part is working and running as I write this, but because I'm using a unique file format it occurred to me I should write some utilities for it. The first thing I'm doing is smoothing, but I'll at least also write one or two export programs that put out at least tab-delimited text.


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