My Toy Collection

No, no radio toys worth writing about yet.

My 1972 Gilson Brothers snowblower

Trying to build fldigi under OpenBSD

A Kindle Fire

Building NTP under OpenBSD [in progress]

Building Soundmodem under OpenBSD

Using William Rossi's CHU program under OpenBSD

audread a simple OpenBSD audio capture demo

pppmon, a simple GUI PPP speed monitor

Classic X Windows

An MS Windows cursor that's easy to find  

Tracking down some RFI

An audio stripchart recorder

Radio Jove hardware and software

A Radio Spectrograph using Hamlib

Dabbling at an NEC2 Optimizer

An RF Survey program

Dabbling in Interferometry

An SDR dongle

My Osmocom fan page

My HD SDR 2.61 Documentation Attempt

An anemometer I built years ago

My Raspberry Pi page

A few practical ideas

WiFi Antenna #1

A Topo map source

A Guitar Note Chart