Easy to find cursor

I made this sometime around 2000 with something (I forget just what Windows shareware program), and I've had in just about every Windows machine I've run since.

Above is an animated gif I made by extracting all the frames from the original .ani file with Irfanview then feeding them into Gifsicle so it looks like the original. The .ani file only works under MS Windows. The background is black here, but it's transparent in the ani file. The speed of the pulsing varies depending on your computer speed in the gif, in the .ani file it's about a 1 second cycle.

I made it because under some conditions I'd have trouble finding the cursor on my current laptop at the time. There's one blank frame (1 below), but the rest of the time there's something, either black or white, on the screen. These are the extracted frames:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

To install it, copy to your windows\cursors directory(folder) then start Control Panel and choose Mouse. Click on the Pointers tab, make sure "Normal Select" is highlighted, then click the "Browse" button and select the file. You'll probably have a harder time remembering what the original was if you want to put it back.

The original laptop_pulsar_arrow2.ani. You can rename it of course. In the picture above the edges are transparent.

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