This makes passwords that are hard to guess (and hard to remember)

Number of passwords:

This is actually fairly secure, even though the connection probably isn't SSL, because the passwords are being generated right in your browser by Javascript (that's why it's slow), not being sent over the network to you. If you save this page, disconnect from the internet and open it from your local hard drive, it will still work.

How secure are the passwords? If it's 5 characters long it would take (62^5)-1 or 916,132,831 guesses to get all the combinations. Of course the average number of guesses would be half that number since 50% of the passwords would be found in the first 50% of the guesses. There's only a 1 in 916,132,831 chance that it would need 916,132,831 guesses. More than half the guessers would need more than 458,066,416 guesses though. 916,132,831 guesses are needed to be certain to find the answer.

Characters Guesses
5 916,132,831
6 56,800,235,583
7 3,521,614,606,207
8 218,340,105,584,895
9 13,537,086,546,263,551
10 839,299,365,868,340,223

The suggested usage is to pick a password length with the Length control, set the number of passwords to 50 or 100, and click the Generate button. Then spend a minute looking over what you got. You might find something you can change slightly to make it more memorable. If not, keep clicking the Generate button and looking over the results.


This was created under OpenBSD with the Joe editor and the bc arbitrary precision calculator for getting the exact value of numbers like 62^10. Being the son of a math teacher probably helped a little too.

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