Lowercase Filename Extensions

A simple little program I wrote in 2008 to convert the extensions on all files in a current directory to lowercase. Unix being case-sensitive, if there's a mix of extension cases, usng a wildcard like *.txt or *.jpg won't get the uppercase ones. It's mostly an issue for things that came from Windows, I seem to remember old Photoshop versions made uppercase extensions. I also have an lcext program that renames all the files to lowercase.

Both lcext and lcfn check for collisions first, that is they won't rename to a name that already exists. Other than that, they aren't written quite the way I'd write them today, 8 years later. But they do work and I've been testing them by using them for the intervening time.

All of my Nikon cameras create uppercase filenames so lcfn gets a lot more use. I mostly have all lowercase file names for everything with few exceptions.

The tarball: lcext.tar.gz