Look at history, compare what Trump is promising to what Hitler and Stalin promised. Some Trump supporters are fanatics that actually even salute him. Pretty scary. Hitler and Stalin both came to power because economic climates were less than optimum. I don't think it's so bad right now but then I'm retired, not trying to find a job. The Trump machine would have you believe it's bad, 8 years of a president that isn't a Republican must be a bad thing, right? Look at world news, from a source outside the USA like the BBC. The whole world is having trouble right now, it isn't something that Obama caused and Trump can fix. But he wants you to think he can. And if it isn't bad enough he'll help you see what's wrong with it.

You can't demand jobs back, you have to earn them by being competitive or innovative. There will always be service jobs like sanitation workers and waiters, but those don't add to the GNP at all. What's needed is a somewhat long period of education and R&D. Most of a generation, we can't fix this overnight. The payback won't be quick.

There have been times when the US was a world leader in technology. And then some short-sighted politicans decided to make cuts in education, R&D, the space program. There were no negative consequences for a generation of course. We've had 2 relatively productive periods in recent history. One was WWII and the research that was done, the other was the space race. Given a need to compete we could accomplish something. When we were worried about Hitler and the cold war later we produced, and advanced science and technology. Then we got complacent and generations watched the TVs we'd produced.

Now we use Chinese cell phones and play video games on Game Boys instead of learning science and math so we can produce such things ourselves. Even our TV has gotten idiotic because nobody wants to think. The Chinese didn't take away our jobs, we gave them away. The Chinese work hard and cheap while Americans are undereducated and overpaid. Now the Chinese are doing the inventing and innovating because our current generations of workers can't, they don't have the education for it. Because somebody 20-odd years before said they didn't need to, it's a cycle. Go watch your cartoons and play your video games and wonder where the jobs went.

Where did science fiction on TV vanish to? This might seem irrelevant until you consider that good science fiction is carefully woven into science fact. Like satellite TV? The concept of putting satellites in Geosynchronous orbits came from a British science fiction author, Arthur Clarke, they were called Clarke orbits at one point in history. They orbit the earth at exactly the same rate the earth turns at (once a day) and they're at exactly the right distance so the centrifugal force is balanced by gravity. They effectively stand still in the sky from our perspective. There are dozens of them. Science fiction is effectively a think tank, a place where ideas are born. And watching/reading it is educational because it helps develop thought processes.

I see 2 semi-explored areas for new jobs off the top of my head. Solar panels and web development. If you do some quick math you can figure out that covering every roof with photoelectric panels would more than meet the country's electrical needs. There's a lot of grunt work to get them installed, and we need to ramp up manufacturing. Jobs in both areas. These panels last about 20 years so there's room for R&D because the best PV panels are only about 15% efficient. And right now they're mostly a curiosity. I forsee shingles that are PV panels, attaching them to the roof also makes an electrical connection. Petroleum companies and their lobbyists don't like these ideas. But it cuts dependencies on foreign oil, reduces global warming, provides jobs, all at the same time. And may I remind you that PV panels are an offshoot of space exploration. Petroeum is a dinosaur, in more ways than one. It's time to wean ourselves off of it.

Web development, how does this help? I think it's inevitable that someday you'll be able to shop for groceries and most other things online. From the web pages you visit computers in the stores will generate pick lists. From those workers in the stores will assemble your order and package it for delivery. Perishables need fast delivery, for most things existing methods like UPS, Fedex, mail will work. We're already way ahead of some countries, talk to somebody in Africa for example. All this will create jobs and get cars off the road. Anybody that can write a letter in a word processor can learn to make web pages. It's at most a 3 credit 1 semester course, the willing and talented can pick it up on their own. I've been doing it for 20 years. The reasonably sophisticated stock management, barcode, billing, checkout software already in stores needs to have this grafted onto it. So less people driving around to shop, less burned gas, less wear and tear on roads and cars, less wasted time. So you can sit in front of the TV and fry your brain if you want, but more exposure to technology is generally a good thing.

Well, I have to say I like having a blog. It dosn't cost anything except time, there are plenty of free websites out there. I have almost total control over it, unlike putting things on social media. There's no advertising, which is like a cancer. I've had many web sites over 20 years, 1apps gives you 1 gigabyte, you can put text, pictures, video, programs, petitions, almost anything you want in your space. I've never been comfortable with "easy to use" programs like HTML editors, I use text editors like Notepad and Joe. You can spend just as long learning how to do it somebody else's "easy" way as it takes to learn to just do it yourself in the first place. Kevin Werbach's Barebones page has everything you actually need, it hasn't changed since 1999. It's worth learning, you don't have to do it all at once.

Oh, and if you're reading this before December 19. 2016 there are a couple of petitions you might consider signing online. (1) Daniel Brezenooff's petition to the Electoral College which is at https://www.change.org/p/electoral-college-electors-electoral-college-make-hillary-clinton-president-on-december-19 and (2) this one to have Trump thoroughly investigated https://www.change.org/p/us-justice-department-prosecute-trump-for-illegal-activities-before-the-dec-19-electoral-college-vote?tk=NjS5Tak5AZjqeK9xsUleXSsEUPK2H77WiQncUViTJkg&utm_source=supporter_signature_milestone_email&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=supporter_signatures_100000&utm_term=supporter_signature_milestone_email